MJ 2.0 Unleashed!

Posted: 2008/01/04 in Musings
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I guess it´s time to graduate from MySpace and grow up a bit. It is nice to have a dedicated blog to where I can be much more “professional” at the same time be myself.This year, I decided to reinvent myself. I am excited of what journey 2008 has in store for me. I believe that it is my launch year in so many aspects.So for my mantra this year which will also become the company´s: THINK BIG, DO BIG and DO IT WELL! I do think I got the THINK BIG part of the mantra. DO BIG is now the next step and I know we will DO IT WELL! I believe that if we got the foundations in the right principles and values, our growth will be steady and our clients will feel at home with us because we will be sincere in all our efforts, since we live and breathe it as well.I am excited about this blog. It has so much ranting possibilities about everything. So, let´s see where this ride takes us…here we go!

  1. GKPMusic says:

    Admittedly, all I saw on first arrival was a lot of ranting, presumably someone’s personal point of view charged with a lot of emotion .. I’m currently reading the first post of many so I have an entire 3 years worth of ranting to sift through if I want to evolve my awareness of MJ Santos to something greater than it already is.

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