Must have in 2009: A Cyberterrorist Love Letter

Posted: 2009/01/01 in Cyberbullying, Internet
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I have been quiet the entire vacation time to put in some time doing content for our companies under MJS Global Group: MJS Strategies, MJS Commodities, MJS Capital, etc. I have been putting it off for quiet sometime so I decided to buckle down with the help of some associates. After countless hours back and forth sharing and working through them despite of the time zones, I got the news today that we got hacked by this guy and all the files got infected and therefore we have to work from scratch again. We have notified Hostmonster and they have not responded due to the holidays.


My Love Letter from a Cyberterrorist

My Love Letter from a Cyberterrorist

This is my first experience on cyberterrorism. On the positive note I am glad we are still in the beginning stages, however, I already did 70 pages worth of content. What a way to start the year. 

Today is the 6th day of the airstrikes in Gaza so I know there are a lot of tensions. Many protests are going on and on the other end, I can understand why this cyberterrorist would do this. It forces people to look and listen, but to the extent of innocent casualties. 

This should be a huge concern for all of us especially when we are about to usher in the third evolution of the Internet: Semantic web, which will enable people to share content beyond the boundaries of applications and websites. So think about all your important information from Government to banks, etc and cyberterrorists like this suspends all activity. I know I cannot live without internet. I cannot even picture in my head how chaotic it would become when that is done on a global scale the way they hit 9-11 in New York just to make a statement. 

Al Qaeda are using this vehicle for fundraising and recruitment. Mumbai bombers were also quite high tech. These terrorists don´t need much to sacrifice to do destruction. They have calculated so well that all they need is a small rock to start the ripple effect. People have become so much smarter…and more evil towards each other.

The world has definitely changed. Happy New Year to us all!

  1. amazing story. fascinating and frightening. to me the strange irony is that they accomplish much more with this kind of terrorism, then blowing themselves up. in some strange way maybe we should encourage this?

  2. Parispugs1 says:

    I’m curious about the yahoo email posted above. Is it still live?

  3. Lisa says:

    I googled some of the key words above, and another site showed up, but when I clicked on the cached link, it said the link could not be found. The email address may even just be an inactive decoy.

  4. Jan Gregory says:

    thanks for sending this MJ.. They do have some high tech allies in the Jihadi movement.. Lets hope that we can keep up with the Internet Jihad and the libs won’t interfere with our improving every cyber tool we use to fight terrorism and locate terrorists using the Internet and on wireless Cell Phones.

  5. Bill M. says:

    Sorry this happened to your site, but it is a cautionary tale for all of us that cyberterrorism is a clear and present danger.

    As Jan mentioned, hopefully there will be a cyber audit-trail that can be used to track down these terrorists.

  6. Mama Mitzvah says:

    Dear MJ,
    It is Friday morning in Jerusalem & for the first time in 3 days the sun is trying to peek out from the clouds. I slept well, yet I am tired. I am tired of reading about terrorists and their ilk & chaos & harm they cause. Yet the swirling vortex of insanity continues because people repeat banalities such as “One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” Terrorists are not freedom fighters by anyone’s definition. They are street thugs with more dangerous weapons. Those who have forgotten the feelings from Sept. 11, 2001 will be surprised to awaken one day and find their cyber lives in shambles. One wonders what the NIMBYs will say when they actually have to deal with terrorism when it hits their backyards or computers. I literally read the comments from a woman who wrote “Now that the failed policies of going after Egypt (sic) with brutality has failed, maybe Israel will seek a more positive solution.” What can be more positive than destroying Hamas which has stated blatantly, for all the world to hear, that their goal is to destroy Israel & drive us into the sea? That comment was written, not by a Moslem, but a rather sweet, little old American lady who does not know Hamas from chumas.
    They will use anything to further their purposes, computers, cell phones, children, The WTC and so on. Nothing is too small or too large. 1 death is no more important than 1,000. And believe me, after living in Israel for 2 years, I can also say without hesitation that freedom is the very last thing these insults to humanity desire. I wish I could be more optimistic about their goals, but having seen first hand what is accomplished by these “martyrs”, I am not. That is why we need to reject the opinions of the world & protect our country with all the speed and accuracy we can. In Israel when we say Not In My BackYard, it has an entirely different meaning.
    May we all have a blessed & truly peaceful New Year.

  7. I think that the Gaza needs a little 2,000 lb. B-52 style carpet bombing like “Operation Arc Light”. They all wish to be martyrs, don’t they. Let’s help them on to the afterlife where their virgins await anxiously them.

  8. Kathie says:

    Hamas has used the media very well for them to sympathize with THEM. Israel has had nothing but brutality during a cease-fire. I wish you well Mama. I hope the World Community will come to Israels aide in this time of need.

  9. kevintracy says:

    I think it’s interesting. He seems to know that the plural of a word typically ends with an s, but he used ‘s the first time… but the second time, he doesn’t use the plural form of the word at all.

    “Stop killing my brother’s” and “Greetings to all my fighter brother”

    Have you thought at all about the patterns in capitalization?

  10. Enlargement says:

    I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

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