When Reality Starts Biting

Posted: 2009/03/08 in Creative, Geopolitics, Musings, Society
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Came across these cartoons from Canadian political cartoonists which is quite sobering to most of us in the world. I hope Americans do too…SOON:

Removing Obama Tattoos

Honeymoon is over by Aislin, The Montreal Gazette



US Debt by Patrick Corrigan, The Toronto Star

US Debt by Patrick Corrigan, The Toronto Star

Glad the Canadians are sobering up from the hypnotic effects the media served up. Many of us OUTSIDE the USA are not impressed with what is going on with the money splurge. When a “superpower” owes money to Third World country like India, and now their “rival” China, they should really start worrying. Where is Obama getting all the monies from that he is spending? What is being exchanged if the country is practically bankrupt? If he is so smart, why is he not learning from the mistakes of PM Gordon Brown when he bankrupted his own country? Maybe he is not…and people are realizing it…but there are those of us who knew from the start. The mirage was just quite convincing that even the intellectuals are fooled.

  1. Kathie says:

    This is so true! We had warned of this sort of situation, to no avail! Now that he is in, how do we stop this run away train wreck!

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