Injecting Radical Honesty to Change the World

Posted: 2009/10/13 in Leadership, Life, Relationships, Society
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I encounter so many people who feed their minds with jealousy and envy that it thwarts their own progress. With all the hype and negativity the world throws at us, I shall start preaching, as I practice it in my own life, radical honesty. Humanity must start living TRUTH, instead of just expressing it with empty and stale words.

Most disputes and disagreements could be resolved quickly and easily if only WE take the time to LEARN to COMMUNE WITH ANOTHER HUMAN BEING well. The Art of Communion, not communication. For communication are mere words, with sometimes muddled intentions, usually just mind level. Communion, requires listening and eliciting. It is the communication of the hearts. It is how you truly honor and respect each other as human beings, as true equals.

We MUST repudiate unnecessary ambiguous gullability and lethargic convictions. Simply, say what you mean and mean what you say. Do not say more than you mean or mean less than what you say. Pay attention on how you use your skills.

Make the most of your skills and your talents. Think about this: People who usually take their time to tear you down directly or indirectly are doing so because they only dream of being able to do the things you can. It is perfectly OK to play to your strengths rather than always concentrating on developing your weaknesses. NAYSAYERS are not stumbling blocks but stepping stones. Use and build these stones they throw at you as a sturdy leveled strip of smooth ground runway as you propel yourself FORWARD. LIVE a little today. BE DARING. Whenever urge comes to perform and whatever your habit is, REBEL against it gloriously. DO NOT SUCCUMB to desires and urges of bad habits and mindset that do not contribute to anyone’s growth, especially to yourself. Enjoy your ability and use it to help others too. You will be surprise when you make that choice to BE THE CHANGE.


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