I say Privacy, they say Privi-cy!

Posted: 2010/08/05 in Geopolitics, Musings, Relationships, Religion, Society
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9-11. World Trade Center. New York. Yes, I remember very well. We all lost some friends and acquaintances, and know those who survive. But more importantly, it is the day, when we found another reason to divide humanity. America became more and more of a bully and created hell on all air travel with their paranoia. They created an agency called Homeland Security to “preserve freedom”. Really? That was really the ONLY agenda? Hold up. Let me up my meds as I am having one of those policy withdrawals that gives me uncontrollable twitches. Racial profiling got rampant and used for political rhetoric. Anti-religion angry voices were heard from all over the world. Christians went on a witch hunt towards Muslims and vice versa. Ages ago, I was racially profiled in France. Hey, I can’t help it when I have a very exotic look that makes people think I am from various countries or even indigenous tribe! Also got a very musical ear that seem to pick up various accents easily. So I am a chameleon! Got a problem with that? Whew! Hang on, I need to have a tantrum. $#”+@?`/&%”/%#$”$!##@@=*;!!§%6#&%#)/”+´<$#!§'Ø*@&! Darn those PUPPET MASTERS who were behind all this!!!!!! Ooooooooook. I am centered again. Was that good for you as it was for me?

Since 9-11, America has pressured many nations like EU to turn over every flight record they have which of course has put a lot of strains on their diplomatic relationships around the world. There are many more things that USA is doing which we do not need to discuss because they are SO obvious. I am not anti-American or whatever you would like to label a free-thinking-label-hater like me. I am just observing how things are being crossed here that you must open your eyes. I love everyone, I do not care which nation or race you are. WE ARE ONE and THE SAME.

Secrets will be uncovered. So those of you who have been very upset about how our privacy around the world is being taken from us, let me add more fuel to the fire since US Fed admitted that they DO store body scan images:

For the last few years, US federal agencies have defended body scanning by insisting that all images will be discarded as soon as they’re viewed. The Transportation Security Administration claimed last summer, for instance, that “scanned images cannot be stored or recorded.”

Now it turns out that some police agencies are storing the controversial images after all. The U.S. Marshals Service admitted this week that it had surreptitiously saved tens of thousands of images recorded with a millimeter wave system at the security checkpoint of a single Florida courthouse.

This follows an earlier disclosure (PDF) by the TSA that it requires all airport body scanners it purchases to be able to store and transmit images for “testing, training, and evaluation purposes.” The agency says, however, that those capabilities are not normally activated when the devices are installed at airports.

Body scanners penetrate clothing to provide a highly detailed image so accurate that critics have likened it to a virtual strip search. Technologies vary, with millimeter wave systems capturing fuzzier images, and backscatter X-ray machines able to show precise anatomical detail. The U.S. government likes the idea because body scanners can detect concealed weapons better than traditional magnetometers…

A 70-page document (PDF) showing the TSA’s procurement specifications, classified as “sensitive security information,” says that in some modes the scanner must “allow exporting of image data in real time” and provide a mechanism for “high-speed transfer of image data” over the network. (It also says that image filters will “protect the identity, modesty, and privacy of the passenger.”)

The TSA maintains that body scanning is perfectly constitutional: “The program is designed to respect individual sensibilities regarding privacy, modesty and personal autonomy to the maximum extent possible, while still performing its crucial function of protecting all members of the public from potentially catastrophic events.”

Our rights are being eaten away around the world. Our mobile phones got GPS coordinates so, anyone in these agencies can track anyone. Google has been illegally taking pictures of our homes and cities, and posting it on their site. I can go on and on, and yet, people allow this because SHEEPLES do that.

People of Planet Earth, do you still have any inkling how a brain should function? Or are you so lazy and comfortable that you would rather be a slave to someone or something? Get off the diet sodas! Can you see that one day, you will wake up with a micro-chip on your hand and forehead? They already have been testing for at least a decade now. How much does it take for you to wake up and see what those of us see?

Don’t hate people like me for speaking up. I am just a concerned global citizen who doesn’t want lose ourselves any further and witness to see humanity go down to its doom.

I hope papparazzis don’t get their hands on that technology. I mean seriously, those images take stalking in a whole different level. Think of how much a body scan image of Beyoncé or Catherine Zeta-Jones would cost on Ebay? Sorry, but this is what happens when so much Ego is ruling this planet. Egos are SO nosy. Nothing is sacred among Ego people.

I think privacy is dead. It is all about manipulative privying now. Welcome to the 21st Century, aight?

  1. Regina J. Galey says:

    Great article, thanks. I signed to your rss feed!

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