I thought it is quite interesting that after my reflections about humanity’s progress with biotechnology yesterday, that my thoughts were confirm today when farmers, like the Innes Family, are now being sued for illegally putting clone beef into grocery stores — from their 96 cattle bred cloned animals in Scotland.

I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to wonder what is going on in Scotland because it seems they got this cloning down to real science. Forget practicing for football, cricket or curling. Bring a laboratory coat instead as I am beginning to think gene cloning is the new sport over yonder. They did warn us in 2007, so why are we SO surprised that it will come to this point? People will always push the envelope and will always find loopholes.

Remember Dolly the Sheep (July 5, 1996 – February 14, 2003)? The ewe, the first mammal, to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell. She was cloned at the Roslin Institute in Midlothian, Scotland, and lived there until her death when she was six years old. (Roslin. Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Roslin Chapel comes to mind all of a sudden. Hmm. ) Her birth was announced on February 22, 1997. The sheep was originally code-named “6LL3”. The name “Dolly” came from a suggestion by the stockmen who helped with her birth, in honor of Dolly Parton, because it was a mammary cell that was cloned. The technique that was made famous by her birth is somatic cell nuclear transfer, in which a cell is placed in a de-nucleated ovum, the two cells fuse and then develop into an embryo.

Whole organism cloning involves the transfer of the entire DNA in a cell to the cloned organism. Dolly the sheep was cloned by taking the entire DNA from an adult mammary cell and inserting it into an enucleated egg cell from a sheep. The resulting cell is now genetically equivalent to a zygote. This zygote was allowed to reproduce and the resulting embryo was then implanted into the uterus of a surrogate mother. Dolly was a clone as she was genetically identical to the entire DNA of the donor sheep via the adult mammary cell. She contained identical chromosomes and consequently identical DNA to all the cells in the parent sheep. (Here’s a funny thought: I wouldn’t mind having my own Mini-Me. But then again…*shivers*)

Let us visit the ‘evolution’ of our ‘progress’:

Selective breeding has been practiced for thousands of years. It involves humans choosing two individuals to mate to produce offspring with certain desirable characteristics, such as leaner meat on an animal or wheat seeds that remain attached to the plant for longer. Many plants and animals for domestic and agricultural purposes have been bred in this way to produce new varieties.

Cattle and sheep have been specifically bred for such things as leaner meat, more milk, creamier milk, better quality wool and increased resistance to disease.

Pigs, due to selective breeding are less aggressive, have smaller tusks and more meat compared to their genetically similar ancestors.

Horses have been selectively bred from wild horses over centuries resulting in many varieties including draft horses. These animals include breeds such as the Shire, Clydesdale, Belgian and Suffolk which are used for specific farming purposes, but all involve greater strength, size and ability to pull wagons, ploughs and drays. Race horses also originated from wild horses and have been bred for greater speed.

Plants grown from cuttings are actually clones of the original plant as they contain identical DNA throughout the whole plant. Other asexual means of reproducing identical plants include bulbs, corms, tubers, runners and tissue cultures.

Plants such as wheat have been bred to grow in harsh environmental conditions, have higher yields and have increased resistance to disease.

Cloning of animals for agricultural purposes is a genetic refinement of selective breeding. By cloning, the results are identical to the donor cell, whereas in selective breeding the resultant offspring may contain some unwanted genes as well as the desirable ones. The time involved in producing these desirable cloned populations is far less than that involved in selective breeding.

The advantages are similar to those of selective breeding where large numbers of plants or animals could be bred for such factors as more meat, more milk, finer wool, higher crop yield and resistance to disease.

A disadvantages to all members of a population being genetically identical would be non-resistance to a new strain of disease or changes in environmental conditions, could decimate the whole population as there is no diversity within the population. The Innes Family got to experience the disadvantage as well, “the bulls became too large and unruly to mate naturally any more, the family decided to cash in by selling them for meat.”

Here is a good progress: Human insulin, used by diabetics to control blood sugar levels, is now produced by the cloning of recombinant DNA. This process occurs by using special cutting enzymes, known as restriction enzymes, to cut out the gene for making insulin from a human chromosome. The enzymes are also used to cut open a plasmid in a bacterial cell leaving “sticky ends”. A plasmid is a circular piece of DNA within the bacterium. The sequence of bases in the open space in the plasmid matches the ends of the piece of human DNA. The human DNA is then inserted into the plasmid. The plasmid (now genetically engineered) is placed back into a bacterium and is reproduced every time the bacterium reproduces asexually. In this way, the human gene has been cloned. When given all of the required nutrients, these bacteria will produce human insulin according to the human genes they contain.

Few months ago, I was sent a dating company that exists to promote genetic matchmaking. They “use your DNA to maximize the chances of finding chemistry—actual, physical chemistry—with your matches… to help you find a soul mate.” The ‘scary’ part: “And our in-depth background checks”. How nice that these people think genetics is the way to find my soul mate. It’s called SOUL MATE, not DNA mate! Obviously, these people need some Mika-El lessons on how spiritual beings have relationships. Believe me, I have been with genetically HOT people but my Soul and energy just repels them for being low frequency! I don’t like being in a hamster wheel! This company’s concept leans a lot on fulfilling the Ego needs just like many dating services around the world. Based on that, I am very sure they will be a successful company because they will have a lot of Ego-driven customers who like to mate with their own kind.

Kudos to them.

Unfortunately, mine, well…needs a whole lot of spiritual growing to do, so the Universe has to intervene. I am put on the Soul Love Program. The person I am pining for got the physical goods (oh, you betcha!), but that is just the cherry on the icing for me but some of us are just in a whole different Soul and Life path and mindset than everyone else. Everyone around them want their goods and it hurts to watch when they are surrounded with that. I am not to intervene in their growth process because they have to find their Purpose and Destiny. It is the drawback of the gifted, if you can say that. I have seen who they truly are INSIDE (thanks to my spiritual gifts), but it is not my place to make the choice for them which path they want to experience while being in this lifetime. I am very much in love with their Soul. So this type of dating is on a whole different set of rules.

My Soul does most of the thinking these days. I like what is inside their DNA (it is just a holographic shell), and to me, they look like a million suns and a heavenly being incarnated (I actually wonder whether I would hear choirs of angels when the verdict is given). I am quite sure they think I am crazy by now because I have not given up on them. People give up easily on people because of their love ‘depth’, I have no problem being a fool for true love, especially when I KNOW who I want because only they have made my entire being move whenever I ‘feel’ their aura oceans away. So they are right to think I am crazy, because I am…when it comes to them. I am on a THETA LOVE WAVE that is clean, strong, healthy, more farsighted and benevolent – with FULL INTENT on giving ONLY the BEST. It’s the only way I know how to love and not many can handle it. Unconditional love is always intense and many in this world have no understanding nor experience with it. The LOVE everyone knows is sick, conditioned and shortsighted that is why they now must do what Ego-driven people understand most- I call it, Ego LOVE hamster wheel dating. But I have to follow THETA AGENDA or I am going to end up having the Angels on my case again. *sigh* I will have this THETA explained in the book that I am writing right now. Ok, enough of my whining.

Anyway, back on topic: How is it that no one sees this genetic matchmaking a correlation to the principles of human cloning? Select breeding among humans?

Besides all this, it also looks like there are too many people who want to collect our data from all over the place. It seems that this web 2.0 mentality has gotten out of hand as we see governments and companies having too much control over our privacy. Now, we are ushering the next evolution of everything from internet (web 3.0) to genetics.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I see the financial gains for the farmers doing this. Since cloning enables scientists to choose the genes they want to pass on to the clone, they can choose the healthiest and best-performing animals to clone. A cow that produces 3 times as much milk can be cloned in order to allow farmers to produce a year’s worth of milk with a third of the cow population normally needed. The mind/Ego also benefits: For people who breed animals for competition, cloning brings with it the opportunity to clone show winners every time. Cloning an award-winning animal means having more award-winning animals after the original is past his prime. Isn’t this what people do with dating these days? Pick the best set of abs, legs, boobs, face, butts, biceps, and wallet size (hey, wallets/wealth are sometimes hereditary!) — all for being BEST for SHOW!

Pretty soon, many companies will have financial gains selling human DNAs. This is why I am cynical about that dating site. What stops them from selling DNAs of their clients to third parties just like any dating or social networking site that does that so they can create extra revenue? In the world of Ego and twisted definition of FREE MARKET, anything goes.

When I was a lobbyist for an anti-abortion organization, I used have a catalogue for baby parts they sell to cosmetic companies. So, I know there is always money to be made. But it really bothers me inside how some scientists can really be quite left brain about all this. Or is this how we should be to advance as a civilization? Scientists have to do at least 100 times of cloning experiments before they hit the jackpot. Meanwhile, you have animals suffering from the little giants growing in their stomachs that they end up doing caesarian section. Think about that for a moment. Think of the implications for humans. Surrogate motherhood is becoming good business. They do this in the USA and India as far as I know. But these inseminated babies are not tampered genes, thank goodness. I am all for surrogate birthing because many women cannot carry babies due to their physical limitations. We will leave that topic another time and would rather take that up at The Santos Republic.

Actually, this proves that the planet is full of SHEEPLES to be controlled. It is a perfect set up to just continue doing all this, micro-chipping, cloning, privacy removal, mapping our health histories (EU), etc. None of the sheeples will think any different because all of these are being ‘marketed’ as cool and necessity. Humanity has been conditioned to follow ‘authorities’, especially those with status and titles without any questioning. This is why religions go hand in hand with this conditioning of mindset. They urge people to ‘pray’ because ‘God’ is going to do something about it. Memo to the People of Earth: ‘God’ is NOT going to do anything about it because ‘God’ doesn’t interfere with human FREE WILL and CHOICE. Understand the Law of Cause and Effect. Humanity MUST be the one to CHOOSE to CHANGE things around this planet.

But too many people in this planet play the ‘Oh I didn’t know’, like how this Innes family claim that they didn’t know it was illegal to do what they did. Yeah, playing ignorant or stupid is usually our answer to everything. It is the best escape. Britney Spears ‘Oops, I did it again’ is humanity’s global anthem, I think.

So where are we REALLY heading with all this? Where do YOU want to go, HUMAN? I think before you make a plan, I strongly urge you to KNOW what HUMAN BEING means. Maybe, just maybe, you can finally understand why you are a HUMAN and not a cockroach…or a sheep.


Tell me your thoughts!

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