Many Shades, Many Realities. Which side are you on?

Posted: 2010/08/25 in Life, Motivational, Relationships, Religion, Society
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Can you truly conceive that we have a multi dimensional Universe of dark and light forces, in which galactic beings of every shape and vibration have actually set the course of human destiny? If you haven’t, it is all because of your conditioning and programming throughout human history.

RELIGION is the ORIGINAL SIN. It’s amoral and positively immoral faults and crimes from its EXEMPLARY ADHERENTS and original precepts continuously delays its HEINOUS DENIAL with infinitely superior and more magnificent explanations of their man-made transparent fable foundational books that survived throughout the centuries through lies and fear. I can confirm that there is much blood in their hands and those who continuously propagate the lies WILL answer greatly to THETA, our Prime Creator.

It is the major programming that has also made humanity separated from the unadulterated truth about their real origins: A reflection of numerous “alien” civilizations that was put together in a Great Experiment called Starseed Project where four (4) Master Alien Races were implanted here and added the fifth (5th) element: Hominid. THIS is the missing link that Charles Darwin could not figure out. ( I will be expanding all this in my book).

Everywhere in the Universe, there are polar opposites which diminishes the higher you go in your frequency. Many don’t understand such simple truth, so here is a brief explanation and demonstration. Radio operators are very attuned to this understanding, “The lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength and the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength” which I hope will get through to you: The Higher your frequency becomes, the more connected you are to the Source. There are souls in transition, souls in transformation and births and deaths of alien nations. The powers that be throughout the ages have made humanity live in a LIE, that we are human beings having or ‘trying’ to have spiritual experience, when it is the complete opposite: We are spiritual beings having a human ‘crappy’ experience. As you deprogram, you will understand and experience that every cell in your body speaks in tones and your Soul has a tonal frequency that is recognized by other true Light beings. This is how you can communicate directly with the Angels. Gain some understanding of mathematics, physics and music and you will find out that everything in the Universe is about resonance, frequencies, sequences and numbers.

Humanity was programmed not to comprehend the most significant key to their understanding of where they are truly headed (purpose and origin), because if it did, it would make our world in a whole different reality: A FULLY ADVANCED FREE HARMONIOUS SOCIETY. Our real journey is not of a direction, but that is what this 3rd Dimension would have us think due to the linear thinking of TIME. It is a non-linear progression: From darkness to light, from matter to light, and to be lighter, devoid of Ego-consciousness — all to the ecstatic return to where all consciousness eventually merges back, to the Source, THETA. This is the absolute truth of Creation, of all existence, and of the very nature of life in every form, at every juncture of the Universe: THETA – the ALL That Is, That Ever Was, and That Always Will be.

Very deep, deep within all the cells of your being hides ALL TRUTH and that truth resonate to the warm vibrations of the Source and the Universe, your stellar origins, just as they connect you to Earth. This primordial truth lies within your double-helix DNA, keyed in the dormant ten (10) additional etheric filaments in the human genetics codex. More and more, the Universe has enabled free-thinking scientists to bring forth evidence of the current junk DNA as well as the splendor and intricate cosmometry of our higher consciousness within every cell. When humanity fully grasps the TRUTH about their true evolving cellular consciousness- the blueprint of All Creation – the world will wake up in a WHOLE (not separate) mindset. When you ‘get’ this, you will fully understand your true power, as well as the reason for it being suppressed for thousands of years by your so-called LEADERS you worship so much. Such empowering truth is prevented by the ‘Masters’ at all costs, increasing the pressure of their control mechanisms — to hold the human race into submission — so that they can continue (for the time they have left) to continuously use YOU as servants and slaves, which is their most valuable resource.

Why? The answer is very obvious. YOU provide them with possibilities for their own survival. Without YOU, they wouldn’t exist. You provide incredible wealth for them. YOU serve their ‘force’ and ‘army’ by killing, destroying and dying for them. YOU are merely pawns in this chess GAME.

The world mass population is deliberately stimulated to see the difference of the other– and to fear or hate those differences. Majority of YOU are unaware of the power structures that have been put to place to control the human race. YOU are programmed to believe that your survival, your root belief structures, your emotional gratification, and your (sense of) power are threatened by those who are “different” from you. YOU are corralled into nations, religions, status, background, ideology and racial segments — even neighborhoods — and made to believe in the illusion that this is union, the organization of ‘like-beings’, in which many find their identity and strength. YOU are yet to fully understand power elites’ use of mind-control technologies and how the application of subliminal frequencies and images have been used to mesmerize and manipulate YOU — all to incite nationalistic fervor and obedience. Pay attention to your political groups for examples. So much have been used to create the narcotic resignation that rendered others passive enough to be taken and people drugged enough to allow it all, like the going into mindless wars, segregations and divisions.

Alienating humans from each other, from our true origins and the real Prime Creator, THETA, is essential to the stimulation of their ego-consciousness, and you perform THEIR DEEDS for the gratification of your Ego self…for measly material rewards and deceptive truths. Ever understood the story of Jacob and Esau? When Esau gave his birthright for a bowl of soup that Jacob tricked him with? The same principle applies. YOU have prostituted all your values and morals for the Almighty Invention: MONEY, triggered by your Ego’s greed and need for superiority over others. Do you recognize any of this within yourself? ALL are very guilty, however, it was also manipulated that way.

YOU are also yet to understand the seen and unseen forces. When you fully grasp the absolute center of your being, your true Self, you will see that your reflection, your Higher Selves, and that the nature of the Light is your true connection. When you do, you will realize YOU ARE INVINCIBLE. This is what they fear that you find out.

By holding YOU and the human race in absolute survival mode, the power elite and unseen dark forces are assured that you function in full capacity as their technicians, warriors and slaves. By stimulating your sexual libido and physical desires, they entrap you in predictable behavior modes and steer you into the darker corners of human emotion. They love to hook into you — to drink of the boundless energy that flows from the fountains of your Souls.

Your Ego centers are the access points through which these lower energies are able to reach and attach to you. So should you feel yourselves swelling with a sense of self-importance– a glorification of your talents and gifts– you must be terribly wary of that Ego-self and practice supernatural discernment to the ‘source’ of your ‘enlightenment’. The dark forces – both hovering in the ethers and those that walk on ground as 3D bodies – are masters of frequency. Their essence permeates the lower astral, just as it is aired across the wires and transmitters of our global communications networks.

There are a number of declared channelers walking about on Earth, often unwittingly, attuned to the lower energies, and their message is not of the highest intentions. This is the reason I have been teaching some of you personally on how to be discerning, for not all who purport to bring through ‘otherworldly’ communications are necessarily with THETA, the Source and Prime Creator and other Light beings. This is also the reason why higher dimensional beings came to volunteer by retrograding back into the Third Dimension to perform a quite specific mission for the planet and for the Source, THETA. Many are ‘first time’ visitors to the Earth realm and they carry no karmic baggages. Some of you know them as autistic children (collectively, they carry one single FREQUENCY). Some Indigo and Crystal children, then the Ancient of ancients reincarnates who hold the Wisdom of the Planet…and there is me, THETA Messenger (I won’t ‘see’ my own kind 20-30 more years). We are all Evolved Souls, now awakened in our human body hosts, to assist and remind you of your true Potential and once the controls over Planet Earth has been released, you will once again remember who you are. Beware of these Puffy flies as I call them for they are gathered by lower entities to deceive you into following deceptive ‘Ascended Masters’ and they are the first ones who do not know how to discern their own Egos. They also go around talking about that it is only about their own path and enlightenment. They are not following the Source, for if they did, they would know their roles and places, and there are hierarchies in this mission. Their Egos refuse to submit to that and therefore they must congregate with those who misuse their FREELY GIVEN gifts as well, charging naïve people with their services. KNOW who they are.

Let me give you the general parameters of control that is used against you today and throughout human history. I will elucidate these in my upcoming books, but for now, I wish to briefly give you something to think and meditate about.

Here are at least seven (7) essential ingredients from the New World Order and Dark Force Recipe for stirring your human emotion into desired behavioral blends of obedience, resignation and submission:

1) Disconnecting ten of the twelve THETA-coded filaments of the human DNA, achieved through the activation of the electromagnetic grid placed around the planet. This is why specific stones must be put back into the grid, that these people removed because they created dissonant frequencies, scattered our light waves and disrupted our channels for which our Family of Light outside our realm cannot reach us. Why do you think they have managed to manipulate and poison our food, water and air? I posted this to give you a heads up of some of their agenda.

2) Manipulation of earth frequencies to hold the planet in imbalance, elevating the masculine energy through patriarchal systems, suppressing the feminine energy within both male and female, which accentuated three-dimensional polarity. THETA, our Prime Creator and Source, is both masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is aggressive, this is why there are many wars. Why do you think only in the 20th Century, women finally fought it very hard to have suffrage and voice? We have a long way to go to inject the feminine energy, but the more of YOU wake up, the easier this Mission would be from the Orders of the Prime Creator.

3) Holding the races in isolation from all extra-planetary intelligence, while separating from each other.

4) Encouraging human divisions through race, sex, religion, status, background and community; stimulating hate, fear, prejudice, and resentment in the base of human emotional frequencies. Notice your media and what they feed you.

5) Feeding your animal selves through survival and sexuality centers – through entrainment (and entertainment), subliminal manipulation and mind control. The more skin, the better for you, right?

6) Creating false leaders – charismatic icons whom the masses will place their trust when things are proceeding well and blame when they are not. Ever why our societies around the world have a huge worship for celebrities and Hollywood? Public Relations, marketing, media, politics, business and psychology all go hand in hand. There IS a science and mathematics to all this. ‘Kool-Aid’ drinking is quite popular in these types of parties.

7) Rewarding the obedient, punishing the rebellious. This is why the instill of heaven and hell type fear manipulation is in ALL religions and laws. No one welcomes a free thinker. They are ALL suppressed, ostracized or demonized as ‘crazy’.

There are only about two thousand (2,000) individuals in this power seat versus the six (6.5) billion of YOU. The ratio is 3,000,000:1, i.e. for every 1 member of the power elite, there is 3 million people it controls. Yet this absolute minority has so much power over you, a mathematical improbability, yet they have managed throughout the ages, thanks to RELIGIONS that poisoned your minds since birth. Be also certain that those who form the ‘think tank’ organizations are here to manage Earth and the global population and they spend much time deliberating on how to delicately hold power over YOU and how easily your Ego centers are manipulated.

Their power lies in the sum and substance of the majority’s power struggle: They operate in an impenetrable unit, while most of YOU are focused on your most immediate personal agendas. You have been trained and programmed to think in individualistic terms, for THEY KNOW that as long as they can hold the human race in ego-centered consciousness, they can be assured their long-standing reign over you. They are very clever at driving YOU to nationalistic frenzy and creating false loyalties to superheroes, especially when the illusions are required. They cultivate your sense of alienation from governments, from your societies, and from each other, feeding you doomsday materials and scenes of lower forms of human behaviors through MEDIA — the global “voice”. Maybe some of you understand why I asked that you detach from your addiction of the news media for they are purposely negative for a reason: NEGATIVE is addictive. It is what they paid their in-house psychologists to tweak to make the business successful. People stare into their televisions, anaesthethized and desensitized, resigned to the desperation of those they see starving and dying in worlds just beyond their comfort zones. Yet, at the same time, in the successive frames, people are stimulated into feelings of envy and unworthiness at not being as fashionably underweight as the SEX OBJECT model in the paid advertisements, one of the MANY that finances the evening news — where real people are dying of calamity and hunger. Such paradox is the TRUE HUMAN CONDITION for which YOU should wake up. They trigger terms in your thinking of ‘safer’, ‘fortunate’ and more ‘worthy’ only to create a sense of separation from the ‘other’. It is NOT your Destiny to devolve into a robotic race of desensitized, insecure TV-entrained creatures, nor are the values portrayed by Hollywood and mass media on your screens and environments are intended by the Source, THETA for your to pursue when your Souls decided to crystallize into your human host bodies. This is not a true reflection of your human potential!

Guard the children more closely. They must be free from conditioning. However, very few people (and parents) escape the indoctrination of video-stimulated brain patterning, for most have been programmed to accept that this is simply the way of the new generation. Now, they have also started hooking people on 3D experience in movies and soon the full launch of 3D televisions. Are you aware at all that these numbing mechanisms are overtaking and diverting your attention and suppressing the ENORMOUS capacities of your intuitive and intellectual mind? Observe our youth today. They are mostly online and on mobile networks watching a lot of MTV. They are also being hounded by credit card companies and being conditioned into consumerism. Pay attention.

Knowing who these individuals are irrelevant and time-wasting. Some are completely sheathed in dark anonymity in the shroud of secret societies like vampires sucking the blood out of humanity while others are semi-veiled in the protective mantle of extraordinary wealth and power. What YOU must focus on is how they operate – how they manipulate human behaviors – and KNOW how to deal with it. Witch-hunts, pointing fingers and naming names serves nothing more than increase your paranoia and distract you from the far greater concerns posed by their lordship over YOU. This is why I also teach you, dear Ones, how to become Master of Detachment. Become a witness to all this. Do not be affected, instead, work steadily with endurance in how to break the chains that bind you, which all boils down to your Ego centers. Be prudent and above all, STAY FOCUSED.

This is just a short memo I have for YOU, dear Humanity to tell you that there are many entities, both in astral and human beings who have chosen to linger in the shadows, and now I am making you aware of your REAL TEST: YOU must learn how to use your discerning intellect to question the intentions of ALL that enters your field of consciousness. When you do whatever it takes to deprogram yourself, your intuition and channels to the Source, THETA will be much clearer. You must learn how to filter everything by calling your REAL spirit guides (even they can deceive you). Like energies attract. Remember that. So if you have a low frequency energy, you will attract your kind here and in the spirit. But when you do go higher, and connect with the Angels, ask them to constantly cover you with White Light. Above all, you must be brutally honest with yourselves and immaculate in all your intentions, for now it is of the utmost importance and time to be grounded in REAL UNADULTERATED TRUTH if you are to declare yourselves messengers and warriors of the Light and THETA, the Prime Creator, the Source. Do not feed your Egos anymore, for this is the only way to be FREE from all this. All this I am telling is to give you clarity and Purpose.

Deprogramming is a process of operating in correct mind and action. It is about getting the secret story of your Selves and extracting it from the blanket of lies that has been wrapped around your world. This is about living in UNADULTERATED TRUTH and always deflecting negativity that disempowers your thoughts and emotions. It begins with forgiveness and travels on the waves of THETA’s unconditional LOVE.

Now that you briefly know the many shades and many realities of this world, which side does your FREE WILL choose? Which side do you yield?

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  2. Ang Rode-Neumann says:

    insightly !!!!!

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