I have to give the facts and while I know many who are run by your Ego-self don’t agree, I exist on this planet in this time of history to teach people how to decipher and navigate through the deceptions and lies. That is part of being a TEACHER and MESSENGER of TRUTH.

I am teaching people the FACTS and TRUTHS. No, it is not going to be ALL OK. Why are you all in such denial? Why is it you so-called spirituals use words such as LOVE, PEACE, and LIGHT and yet have no inkling how to break that down to yourself and everyone else around you? The problem in our world today is the LACK of TRUE KNOWLEDGE that comes from ABOVE, short and simple. Everyone seems to start their own factions because they don’t fully agree with someone else. Did you ever ask yourself that the reason why most of you push that eject button is because you cannot handle the TRUTH about yourselves? TRUTH is meat and never served with garnish. Everyone else serves garnish. There is so much garnish and gourmet-like presentations of TRUTH that when you get deeper in your plate and separate the garnish from the main course, you find a coin-size meat hidden behind all the parsley. In our modern day and age, we even have high paying jobs for it. They are called public relations, strategists, branding, media, and communication specialists that prepare all the garnish and the trimmings.

We have a spiritually bankrupt and starving world being deliberately fed with deceiving food from all spheres of political, business, religious and cult masters of all sorts. We have a desensitized PROGRAMMED masses who are eating mostly McDonald’s quality level of TRUTH. All processed meat. Processed. Filtered. Then water it down with milk. Well, I am junk food and lactose-intolerant. My body cannot handle it. For real!

So where do we find REAL FOOD? Where can we find REAL TRUTH to give us nourishment? Who among we know gives UNADULTERATED TRUTH that has filtered out all the junk? I have found it to be practically impossible because most give out things without deep meditation, discernment and wisdom. It is also very rare you find people who walked what they teach. If they did, they also have not strived for perfection of these HARD CORE spiritual lessons!

The one of the biggest thing that is lacking among the so-called Lightworkers is the true practice of UNITY. Everyone seem to think they are “on their own path and enlightenment” and must only go through it all alone in “parallel” with everyone else. They refuse to recognize the hierarchy of everything. They equate the Universal and Spiritual laws to the laws of men. What I see are people who THINK they know it all. People pray for answers and direction from ABOVE and when they finally get the NON-SUGARCOATED MESSAGE from a messenger, they cringe because they find that they have put in EFFORT. I’m sorry that I don’t charge when I mentor you. Will it help for you to wake if you were charged insane amount of money? Isn’t that what most of you do? You either tax people with tithes and offerings or you charge them for your service to ‘validate’ your Ego-inspired messages. You also ‘declared’ yourselves as gods and goddesses…and took this co-creation with THETA, the Prime Creator into a whole new business model…so why the heck should you listen to a THETA MESSENGER who is put on this planet to tell uncomfortable FREE-of-Charge-Compliments-of-the-Universe TRUTH, right? LAZY GREEDY EGOS that feed themselves and others on polluted TRUTH. Yes, POLLUTED. All this will be the cause for your downfall because you are sucking on lollipop, another Kool-Aid flavor, junk food. What a great way to grow up from. Woopie.

Let that sink in. Take a full day. Do me that favor. Please.

To the Puffy “Enlightened” flies, there are many messages that must be given to the Sleeping mass populations around the world. Do you even know that the Power Elites are having serious meetings of how to remove two-thirds of the world’s population? Sure you do or you wouldn’t even be monetizing your FREELY-GIVEN THETA spiritual gifts. Yet you tell people not to be attached to the material. Hypocrisy. It is everywhere.

You who claim to strive for the upcoming Golden Age cannot take the HARD TRUTHS, how will you survive the events before the so-called Ascension? We are not there yet! So get down to Earth, and practice what your preach. Walk the talk! We are racing for time and those who of you (who get offended) are still in your pacifiers and milk bottles?!! And you call someone like me incompassionate because I am making you TRAINED WARRIORS and ELITES for TRUTH? I think you need a dictionary. When I was prophet in training, I remember DADDY/THETA have me study words and meditate on them. Do you EVER do that? Really spiritually digest the things you read? You tweak, marinate, chew, break it apart, put it back together again, etc. Then you swallow that is good for you and throw away the ones that are not or put them aside in a filing cabinet because EVERYTHING that comes in your life is meant for a reason: TO LEARN FROM.

Am I not compassionate because I choose to guide you in the straight and narrow? Because this is how we are going to make the final days prophesied of old. The upcoming events are not going to be merciful to the Kindergarten level spirituality. Those of you who are teaching polluted TRUTH, I can assure you that you will be held accountable by producing more Kindergarten-level spirituals. Beware.

You talk a very good game but when the rubber meets the road and all hell breaks lose on the planet, which ARE coming and many deceiving spirits around, how much have you truly taught the other Sleeping population how to tackle all the persecution and Cleansing from both the Secret Government and cataclysmic events? Not everyone is going to ‘ascend’ the way you think because each person on this planet have different Soul Ages and that means different levels of understanding. Many are going to check out even before. We see that now. Some even don’t have spirits! Of course, since you are just purely head-knowledge, you wouldn’t even know how to supernaturally discern all this. If you do, then how come you are not working towards greater enlightenment teachings of the human race? Is it really LOVE when you don’t show REAL COMPASSION by SHARING what you know? The TRUTH is, you don’t know. You take pride in your astral travels, sightseeing across the Universe and expanding your horizons. That is great and everything, but there is a MISSION for those of us who came down here, so why not focus on the nitty gritty? The ENTIRE planet seems to be all in their agendas: Focused on politics, economics, terrorism and holy war, that we seem to forget, or have been purposely led away from, the realities of the real dangers, both geologic and astronomic, that lie in wait beneath our feet or above our heads. As a THETA MESSENGER, I also have to add the higher spiritual level messages, analogies, principles and exercises to all this. Goodness, I haven’t even plugged in the ETs into all this equation and drama that is about to unfold before our eyes! Alright, get a hold of V miniseries (1983) and you will get an introductory picture of what will happen when the so-called ‘nice’ ETs show up because that is what the Disclosure Project is going to do when they manage to get the US Black Budget revealed. It will open the doors to invite beings from other planets. It is inevitable. Yet those of you who are nosy about our neighbors, do not heed warnings by respected people like Stephen Hawkings when he made “a serious point: That a few life forms could be intelligent and pose a threat… that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity.” Again, this all requires insane amount of supernatural discernment. This is beyond your so-called THIRD EYE training!

There is a method to my madness as I go by what THETA, the Prime Creator wants me to put out in my spiritual teachings: First theory, then antithesis and finally synthesis. So you are angry at me because *I* am the one that was given the FULL LESSON PLAN? Hey, you want this heavy duty unglamorous job, by all means, take it! I would rather go fishing!

I know many who just read things, but they have no clue how to apply them. You have to truly hold their hands, but ask any parent and they will tell you that you must discipline and love and the same time. Majority of you rebrand man-made old lines and just practice the morality that you have intellectually assimilated from the Gospels and other texts you buy from Amazon.com or bookstores without filtering it with spiritual eyes. This is not necessarily leading to an immersion of the new ways of thinking by humanity’s entire being. Your so-called knowledge will falter as you encounter obstacles. Why? Most of you have rarely gone through or even pass basic training in a real spiritual bootcamp and acquired enough spiritual maturity. You have not been truly tested. You easily squirm when I point things out now. To tweak you. To perfect you. To strive to become THETA. So what happens when it ALL happens? This is MY JOB here…NOW…Yet you don’t see the advantage why THETA, the Prime Creator put me here…for YOU.

Those of you who are so quick to judge don’t even have a stable spiritual walk. You go in and out of the path. Yet you go on defense saying “this is your own path of enlightened and that you are being guided.” Guided by whom? Because if you are being guided by the same Source, you wouldn’t be fighting me, getting offended and run away like cockroaches. You would know who you are slandering, bad-mouthing and attacking. The latter is because you are yet to learn how to pay the real price to attain spiritual growth. Growing spiritually is never done over a microwave. One needs to unlearn to learn and be humble enough to be teachable. But I guess you know it all because you READ everything. How exactly are you practicing real spiritual discernment when you have never been taught by THETA teachers? Oh, I forget. You have never met one. IN the flesh.

You come to my life and you get what you need and go like spoiled brats…then leave…because you say we are only going to work parallel. And you call that being part of the Light ‘TEAM’? There is no ‘I’ in TEAM as far as I can see in the current Merriam-Webster dictionary. Why are you going around this planet like Zorro or Lone Ranger? You stay with your FAMILY of LIGHT. When you get what you need to grow, then you teach it forward..WE GROW WITHIN OUR SELVES, AS A FAMILY and GROW IT BIGGER. Why are you in the emancipation mode all the time? Do you not see that you haven’t deprogrammed from this? It is because you have not differentiated and equated the Universal and Spiritual laws that require obedience to the man-made master-slave kind. You never did and never will because you were never taught…you only ‘read’. This is why I came down here. To show you how to slice and dice. Just eat what you need. Take out the fat and trimmings. Eat what is necessary. But how can you know how to pick out things when you haven’t been taught how in the first place? You need people who have walked the path. I can promise you, there are not many who are in that level on this Planet right now.

There are hierarchies in the ‘spirit realms’ and you KNOW that, especially you Puffy flies, yet you don’t practice it down here…and show NO RESPECT to your true Light mentors and teachers. Ego…ego…ego…ME…ME…ME…oh yeah, you REALLY got evolved.

Most are Young Souls on this planet this is why there is such a strong individualism that abounds. Has it ever occur to you, so-called ‘Enlightened’, that strong individualism is the entire problem of human race? We speak of FREE WILL…but it has always been in terms of Ego-self, never the THETA, Prime Creator version. If you did know the latter, you would know that there needs to be a balance to EVERYTHING. There is your individualism, recognizing your Brilliance as a Soul entity and a human being, and then plugging that into the WHOLE…the THETA PLAN.

There is an enormous quantity of deliberate misinformation that has infiltrated our spiritual ‘Enlightened’ networks– and it is increasing dramatically. This ranges from the obvious to the sublime where the majority even among the Lightworkers are led to believe that they are penetrating the impenetrable and gathering untold knowledge and wisdom from what are, instead, the coercive sources and intentionally misleading messages from the Prime Creator. Do you not know that the best way to infiltrate these networks is by assimilating the mannerisms, the appearance and the language of THETA LIGHT TEAMS? The darkest ones never dress the black robes. They do not reveal themselves conspicuously, they are not stupid, if they are, they wouldn’t be the Power Elites, right? They are most effective when they work in the shadows. I had the Illuminati and MK ULTRA ‘exposure’ since I was 3 years old. I grew up around military folks. How about covert operations? In fact, tonight at around 23.25, I found it fascinating that for the time a particular satellite was moving quite slow…and when it came above my head, it flashed as if it took my picture.

You read, but you don’t fully grasp that there IS war out there. You always seem to purposely twist my words and misunderstand them. Why? Because you lack reading them with THETA eyes. Not many of you can see the layers of my words. You know it in theory, but in practice, NO. It is due to your lack of real spiritual growth. If you were truly evolved, you will be able to SEE (and even HEAR) what I do and say. No, you are not ‘Enlightened’ as you THINK you are. That is the problem. You still THINK with your mind. Not your heart. Not with your Spirit. No one really taught you THAT skill. You’ve never met anyone of THAT caliber. You are still yet to be truly DEPROGRAMMED. You attack me because I use analogies in my ‘THETA classroom’. Those people who were programmed Liberal tree-huggers misunderstand my methods of teaching the most. They usually go into my ‘classroom’ and instead of discerningly use wisdom in their correction, they have to assert their Know-it-All Self to correct me in front of my ‘students’ (when there is really nothing to correct because you just didn’t like my object lesson and analogies to hammer my points). Goodness, do you know SHOW OF HONOR and RESPECT to the One who is teaching is another layer of LOVE? You seem to think that putting sarcastic remarks, unsolicited ‘sugarcoated’ attacks and criticisms, and ‘cotton candy’ covered spirit of confusion interjection, ending them with your signatures ‘xoxo’, ‘Light & Love’ or ‘Namaste’ is of the Light or THETA, the Prime Creator? Twisted Enlightenment. You really ‘balance’ that DENIAL alright.

Since I deal with many countries and nationalities, I found that those who struggle in this the most are the Western countries, especially Americans. You, Puffy ‘teacher’ wannabe flies who attack me personally, don’t have that kind of skill. I know so because I met your kind in ALL religions and persuasions, and this is why you don’t see that your deeds towards me are mere jealousy and envy to the kind of people that I reach. DADDY/THETA explained this all to me last Oct 2009 and that is why I said YES to my HIGHER CALLING. I understand where all of you are coming from and which is why I am only sent to those who HAVE EARS to HEAR and EYES that were given to SEE. Why don’t you humble yourself and accept that *I* am put in this role because this IS the THETA PLAN? Why you fight me so much? I know very well that whenever I confront you, your Soul burns inside. Until you learn to truly humble yourself, you are not going to become the FULL THETA LIGHT BEING you are meant to be.

Clearly, you have not taught before because if you did, you will understand that each student has different pace and ways of absorbing information. You haven’t learned to customized your messages according to need. That is one of eternal principles which you knew, but NEVER know how to put into practice. Most do cookie-cutter system programmed mentality even in their spiritual networks, which is lazy and not have been filtered with true spiritual wisdom and discernment. So tell me, do you not see this is Ego-conscious level of spirituality? A true THETA MESSENGER/TEACHER like me should know how to see through all that. If I don’t, then I am either not doing my job or I am not meant for the job. Simple as that. So, those of you who claim you know it all, how come you don’t know how to slice and dice your own Egos?

We ARE in a real spiritual war.

The enemies of our Soul are disguised as messengers of Light, great political leaders, statesmen, intellectuals, priests, pastors, ministers, gurus, imams, evangelists, monks, shamans, healers, motivational speakers, celebrities, business people, and leaders of the spirit movements (Soon they may be ETs. There are, not as obvious, but when you are highly in tuned with THETA, you will know who is who around you). They will also go around, tell you that they are also ‘seekers of TRUTH’ and deceive to string you along every step of the way — for they are masters of Illusion! The Power Elite knows throughout history how the majority resist overtly dark masters and recognize how to blatantly enslave you renders you to become uncontrollable and unproductive. Now, they have learned that it is far more effective management strategy to create within you the illusion that you are drivers of your societies. You are far more manageable when you feel self-righteous and believe the justifications and excuses you give to your selves…all leading to a global solution you are blindsighted from!

So who among you have been teaching it piece by piece how to defend and protect your Souls from all the nasty infiltration from the seen and the unseen?
YOU MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE UP AGAINST! Otherwise, you will go down to the wrong rabbit hole, Alice. And I can promise you that it will not be a Wonderland. It is history repeating itself on many and various levels and dimensions. Sheer ignorance. You are just another ‘evolved’ SHEEPLE. I do feel very much compassion over your arrogant stupidity that is why I am helping you break down your Ego’s back! Do you realize that having this ‘Ascension’ to the Fifth Dimension is very dangerous when you don’t know how to get rid and control your Egos? We have already higher beings who got Ego issues. Isn’t that the problem with the Reptilians? Yes, it will not go away. PRIDE is very much part of that. Recognize! Slice and dice!

I NEVER teach any spiritual principles (and you have read my motivationals) without living them first. I am the last to condone hypocrisy! This is why I left ALL religious affiliations.

Do you not see what you say to people like with your ‘own path’ is another form of Ego-centered consciousness? Only this time, it is imbued with what I now call, ENLIGHTENED ARROGANCE.

Why am I the enemy for speaking of the TRUTH and dare call me ‘ineffective’ because I don’t just focus on my Motivational messages? Why would you call my teachings ineffective when what I do is WAKE UP PEOPLE, TEACH, GUIDE, and EMPOWER them by giving them TOOLS? Shouldn’t TRUTH be all encompassing? Why is an all encompassing TRUTH a taboo among you? You call yourselves “Enlightened” yet you are so blind in recognizing your Egos! Why should you keep all to yourselves and just tell people LOVE and LIGHT without speaking up why we must do so…and not break it down?? Most of you spend so much time just re-echoing others by reposting links and youtube videos! Yet you call yourselves Lightworkers? I find it hilarious too how you hussle in selling your so-called crystals. There is a very fine line in the true workings of the Spirit. You are no different from the religious leaders you also detest. You are just using a whole regurgitated message!

Why is it very wrong for this THETA MESSENGER to teach and guide how to navigate, filter, and discern these infested waters of FAKES as well as being able to defend and protect themselves? You know why? Because YOU are having Ego power issue struggles! You didn’t think of doing it first so it irks you that someone took the courage to serve the FULL MENU! Do you not see this is also Ego-consciousness? Look very deep within. Seriously. True Evolved Spirits are always humble enough to look at themselves.

I am yet to find among you a REAL THETA TRUTH MESSENGER.

I chose to embrace my HIGHER CALLING and I do have a Destiny to follow as THETA (the Prime Creator) Messenger to this planet as I have always done in my other lifetimes. That Purpose requires un-filtering messages from ABOVE. I am not here to please you nor other people. I am here to do MY JOB. I do not answer to any of you. I answer to THETA, the Prime Creator. I have a responsibility on my shoulders that is beyond any of your comprehension. But most of you are so filled with Egos that you don’t recognize, and therefore you do not recognize who you are ‘sugar-coatingly’ attacking. I see through your false kindness, false praises and false humilities, ending your messages to me with ‘Light and Love’ and ‘Namastes’.

Namaste…yeah, WHY you use that when you are not even Hindus?! If you are truly ENLIGHTENED, you shouldn’t even be pegging yourselves with anything man-invented concepts and vocabularies. If you do come from higher dimensions, why are you borrowing human terminologies so much? If you do, then why don’t you break it down for us ‘down here’ how your message is from the Prime Creator? Because I got a memo from ABOVE to introduce new terminologies and re-define the old ones to shed light and give understanding to humanity, this is why my book is coming quite slow since I have constantly meditate. I ‘pray’ little because prayer is all about TALKING to ‘God’, meditation is all about LISTENING to ‘God’. In my case, I refuse to talk to an Ancient alien who twisted the messages and bow to the mistranslated word from Sumerian Ancients texts where it all started by the linguists called ILU, which does not mean ‘god’ but ‘tall guys’. Do you even know the roots of many words that you viral around?

You are and will be victims of your own ignorance! I will tell you now, there are NOT many TRUE re-incarnated Light ‘assisting’ beings on this planet as you think. Those of you who KNOW that you are, you are SELFISH because you do not even teach and guide the sleeping masses and those who are awakening! There have been so much deception through countless millenia and much more so now. So who is really awake here?

Osho said,

“A Buddha (Enlightened One) Will Be Misunderstood. Yes, it is absolutely inevitable. It can’t be otherwise. A buddha is BOUND to be misunderstood. If a buddha is not misunderstood then he is not a buddha at all. Why is it so? Because the buddha lives in a state which is beyond mind, and we (majority of the planet) live in minds. To translate something from the beyond to the mind is the most impossible thing in the world. It can’t be done, although every buddha has tried to do it. That too is inevitable; no buddha can avoid it. The buddha has to say the UN-SAYABLE. SHe has to express the inexpressible. SHe has to define the indefinable. SHe has to do this absurd act because the moment he reaches beyond the mind, great compassion arises. SHe can see people stumbling in the dark, SHe can see people suffering unnecessarily- creating their own nightmares, creating their own hell and drowning in their own self-created hells. How can SHe avoid not feeling COMPASSION? And the moment compassion arises, SHe wants to communicate to them that, “THIS IS YOUR OWN DOING. YOU CAN GET OUT OF IT. THERE IS A WAY OUT OF IT. THERE IS A STATE BEYOND IT. LIFE IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. YOUR THINKING ABOUT LIFE IS JUST LIKE THE THINKING OF A BLIND MAN ABOUT LIGHT. The blind man can go on thinking about light but he will NEVER be able to come to a TRUE CONCLUSION. His conclusions may be very logical, but still, they WILL miss the EXPERIENCE. LIGHT IS AN EXPERIENCE. You don’t need logic for it, what you need is EYES. (A) Buddha (Enlightened One) has EYES. And EYES are attained ONLY when you have gone beyond the mind (and Ego), when you have become WITNESS of the mind (DETACHMENT), when you have attained into a HIGHER STATE (higher vibrational frequency, killed Ego, deprogrammed) than psychology. When you KNOW you are NOT your thoughts, not your body…when you KNOW you are only KNOWING. The ENERGY that reflects, the energy that is capable of SEEING, that you are PURE SEEING (THETA/Prime Creator/Perfection level). …Your society teaches you to be blind because the society needs blind people. They are good slaves because they are always dependent on the leaders, politicians, pundits, priests. They are very convenient people, they never create any trouble. They are never rebels. They are obedient, always ready to submit to any kind of nonsense, to any stupid politician, to any stupid priest.”

I am in great company. How about you?

There is a fine line between a PROPHET of DOOM and an EVANGELIST OF TRUTH. The latter has POWER behind them. Their words should give a huge GROWTH resonance, even things that are UN-SAYABLE and hard to swallow TRUTHS, within the Receiver.

All this ‘unsolicited’ ‘constructive’ criticisms are from your Ego-self interpretation because you are yet to recognize who is INSIDE me. I have to follow what DADDY/THETA wants me to say. Unlike everyone else, I pray and meditate on everything I post. All your accusations of me and about me are just lack of true sensitivity to the Spirit of the Prime Creator and true knowledge of spiritual discernment.

Think about this for a moment, if we were united in our intention, always focus on perfection of our Highest Purpose, think of what we can achieve TOGETHER? This is why the Prime Creator sends a Messenger as MUSIC CONDUCTOR assist the tuning of your instruments worldwide and organize the ORCHESTRA. All for the Purpose of becoming a CHORUS OF ONE VOICE to drown out all the discord and disband the reigning electromagnetic frequencies over humanity. This is all about truly mastering Self, and that includes denying also, aka DEPROGRAMMING.

TRIPBASE and their millions of subscribers awarded this blog as their FAVORITE of all the WORLD POLITICS blogs from across the Internet that display knowledge and temerity in its approach. Their website described it “a writer to be revered and respected, with her writing prowess matched only by her success in the political and managerial circles.” So, some people are actually interested in what I have to say on many issues because many who truly follow me KNOW that I don’t sugarcoat anything. I don’t succumb to cliques and affiliations. I am neutral. I AM and FOREVER WILL BE THE UNIVERSAL FUSIONIST. I am here to give THE MESSAGE to the world: CHANGE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

My final decision comes from guidance by DADDY/THETA. There is a lot spiritual discernment and meditations involved from my end whenever I put out many of my teachings. I am not here to worry about who gets offended. I am not here to please anyone. TRUTH IS TRUTH. And it must be delivered as DADDY asks me to do it.

These are two quotes keep me going many times:

As Dr. Seuss say, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

My classic favorite is Steve Jobs, “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

I am not anymore in my quest. I know WHO I AM and WHERE I AM GOING. I am in the Path of my Destiny that I have run away from for so long…and after being bombarded for many months by the Universe (since they won’t allow me to resign), I have accepted it. I am aware of the persecutions involved and how tough and lonely the path since I have been told about it since I was a child. But being a leader is not always fun. It is actually a heavy responsibility and not as glamorous as those who status-and-title-hungry Egos think. Just like business, I put in quite a lot of hours to my THETA JOB.

Now that I am a grown up, I have put away childish things. Both in the physical and spiritual, especially (!!!!!!!) on the spiritual. No more hiding in my cave whenever YOU impose your Ego-will on how I should teach my students. NO MORE FALSE TEACHERS. Time is of the essence!

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I have walked a very long road and all I am doing is teaching and guiding YOU how to survive the treacherous, diversions and distractions in this terrain. Durability is knowing how to strike a dynamic balance between your involvement in the outside world and nourishment in your Self. I do both. Part of my ‘THETA curriculum’.

True endurance is not based on rigidity, for endurance implies movement, not immobilization. Only by adapting to every type of change can we stay in this race to the finish: ONLY by deepening our sense of purpose, developing the right muscles, and knowing how to use Light tools can the TRUE THETA LIGHT TEAMS develop the fortitude to win it. And we do it TOGETHER as ONE, yet still maintain our personal sovereignty. BALANCE is a great spiritual lesson to acquire.

You are Puffy flies to me since you only like microwaved Twinkie chocolate-covered messages and refuse to put any sweat into your non-existent spiritual training backbone. You want to be on top, yet won’t pay the price. You think that principle is just on Earth? This is why you learned about Soul reincarnation. No, I am not with the Hindus on their understanding and definition. I don’t believe I came back at some point as a rat or a cow nor do I know of anyone in the astral and spirit plane that mooed at me to greet. The ENTIRE Universe is a university. Those of who are highly evolved KNOW that. That means, you go through series of lifetimes in order to learn lessons. SERIES…in order to go higher in the spiritual realms…through your Soul ages…five of them…soul phases…seven…WORK…ENERGY SWEAT…then graduate to become a spirit guide…

Does your lightbulb turn on yet? Or do you have a broken switch? Because those who are not on the train will be left behind.

So those of you who claim speak to the Prime Creator, how come you got a different memo from what I got? Who is really guiding YOU?

  1. Amy says:

    Your writings are very interesting to me. What you are saying makes sense, although I don’t always understand the contextualization of some of your comments, e.g. “Puffy Flies”. How does one understand these spritual hierarchies that you speak of? How can one know their true Soul Age and the responsibilities that entails? My condolences for attacks upon you. I don’t believe in attack anymore. It is of the Ego, for sure. To me, though, the word “Ego” has a specific meaning. It expresses the idea that we think we could somehow be separate from God (Daddy). That is not reality, from what I’ve learned.

    • mjsantos says:

      Hi Alannah, Thanks for your response. Everything was already laid out regarding ‘Puffy flies’ and ‘Ego’. Perhaps you need to read the post again? Regarding everything else, start with this album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=132747&id=70595394175. It is a ‘Puffy fly’ trait to want everything served on a silver platter. There you got your first contextualization. 😉 About my attacks, oh no, I am all cool. That is part of being a Buddha. I saw that in my THETA teaching contract when I finally agreed while the Angels cornered me 🙂

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