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You guys suggested that I should cast a wider net and explore my other options– go for DATING UPGRADE. Since there is Ego epidemic everywhere on this Planet, I’ve made the decision a long time ago not to go through another torture of dating a 3rd Dimension being.


A thought came to mind that maybe somewhere in this Grand Universe, consisting of 7 Superuniverses with 7 trillion worlds, SOMEONE will find my THETA HIGH FREQUENCY gifted side and LOOKS hawt, sexy and attractive!

However, with work and DADDY/THETA schedule I have, I think this site would help me a lot. I am quite a ‘virgin’ when it comes serious dating scenes because, as some of you know of my special gifts, I usually end up sizing up the person within minutes of having coffee with them. Having Angels as your babysitters and bodyguards have its pros and cons. I usually have telepathic conversations with them while on every date and they ALWAYS make a point of reminding me how the person adds value per DADDY/THETA’s standards, my Purpose and Destiny. Of course, it is nice to know beforehand if they are great kissers or whether they have bad hygiene (Archangel Chamuel, you ALWAYS crack me up). The beautiful part of it all, I save a lot of time and money on dates since it normally ends on coffee or cocktail. LOL!!!! I remember an entire month I was ‘forced’ to schedule several dates per day. OMG! How tiring, bored and wired I was after drinking several cups of coffee/cocktail each day. Ach! I’m beginning to like the proposed idea of some of my people…to have an entire team to search the world…screen them like job interviews…do series of interviews while I watch in secret…and choose top 10…and then take each to dinner.

NO! This is my heart we are talking about. I want to marry for LOVE..and LOVE alone!

*BREEEEEEEEEEEATHES* Alright, so let’s do this. Ok, everyone, let us write a good personal ad.


HEADLINE: Take me as I am – Meatmarket PREMIUM tested, DADDY/THETA approved

I am impossible to live with. I will drive you crazy…but in the most interesting ways possible. You don’t want to get mixed up with me..unless you love to have every one of your certainties challenged and unless you get amorous in the face of unimaginable adventures and unless you’re ready to never be bored again.

I have spent much of my adult life living a bit close to the edge. I believe this has taught me lessons that might elude more timid souls. Runway models aren’t my goal but SOUL CHEMISTRY is essential. I clean up very nicely, even after fishing. You should connect with the basic heights of sensuality. I am passionate so you should expect passion if the chemistry connects. If you can look me in the eye and speak your mind with the same passion that you speak your love; if you are not a ‘victim’ (compassion is wonderful, seeking pain is not); if you like the open starry sky and soft warm breezes on a summer eve, then we might get along just fine.

I’ve been known to assess first impressions quickly (both personally and professionally) and generally do not waiver from my initial conclusion. I’m considered a very generous, loyal and committed person in all aspects of my life especially in friendship, family and love. I’ve been told that I’m smart, beautiful and sensitive on Planet Earth.

I am VERY open-minded, without prejudice and non-racist. I look for beauty inside first and then the outside. It has to be a package for me. However, I must say that I do have my certain quirks on attraction when it comes to dating a whole different race, after all, I am not an experienced Cosmic Dater.

I am not too crazy about bones or horns protruding from heads and spine, nor scaly skin. I am just too busy to clean up after scale droppings all over the house and all the daily destroyed pillows and beds from the horns. Hello! Why do you think I never had pet snakes?!! I don’t like to waste so much money by buying a new bed everyday. I work hard for my money. So, if you want to make this relationship to work, I suggest that you know how to levitate.

I think it is a plus if you have feathered (not horny boned kinds) wings, but would prefer that you are able to retract that 7-15 feet size somehow because I don’t want to get thrown out of the bed whenever you have a nightmare.

I’m very understanding if you are a cross-bred hybrid specie that have full reproductive capability. I wouldn’t mind if you get pregnant on your own without my help. But if you’re ‘Iguana-like’ appearance with ‘hominoid’ configuration, for me, that is just not going to work. I really don’t like mixture of scales on skin.

If you’re an underground species, we will have a problem because I like the outdoors.

I prefer bipeds, but if you are a hot looking being walking on 4 legs, I won’t mind. I love COLORS. So if you are blue, red, purple, pink, fair-skinned…me likey!

If you breathe fire out of your nostrils and mouth, please show me certificate that you passed ANGER MANAGEMENT But hey, I know how it is when one is stressed. So if you need a release, let me know, so I know when you go somewhere, you are just having a tantrum.

Claws and fangs…you may want to file that down or we make you a protective sleeve. I do have a thing for Cats. If you are from that Star system, I need someone who knows how to properly groom themselves, and preferably a non-sandy tongue. I can live with tail. Hair is a plus. Glowing eyes are sexy. As long as it is not as heavy as the house like Dragons. If you are a hot pink Dragon, ok, I can compromise.

Consuming nourishment through a process of absorption through skin is fine. We may have to go in your hometown on dinner dates because I am not sure how we can order those in my Planet. If you have a need for NEGATIVE THOUGHT FORM desserts, I will be more than happy to pick an all weekend fight and tantrums for you. Don’t communicate and ignore my feelings, I can promise you, my patience has limits.

I LOVE techno-gadget geeks. However, if you must have electromagnetic energy guns to cuddle with in our bed, I draw the line.

If you don’t have LIPS and have less than 3 fingers, please move on.

I am open to long distance relationships since I have this Planet as my Mission from THETA as well as having several homes to accommodate our LOVE. I’m all for telepathic lovemaking while we are separated, but since I am a human being in this lifetime, I do require at least once or twice a year (or depending on when you get off from Universal duties) of physical touch. Oh since I got reincarnated and assigned to this 3rd Dimensional Planet, I am still yet to have my own spaceship. So you would need to be the one with the RIDE. But when I figure out teleportation and find the stargates here, I will be able to meet you halfway. So for now, you need to be the one to pick me up.

My name is “you”. The journey begins here…my Soul is extended across the Grand Universe…can you FEEL me?

####### THE END #######

  1. Fiona says:

    Hey, I like that stuff. It seems so many women and teenagers are getting pregnant without wanting it and there are so many who want to get pregnant and cannot. How’s that?

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