Lose Everything to GAIN Everything

Posted: 2010/09/19 in Enlightenment, Life, Motivational, Relationships, THETA
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I lost everything…and I gained EVERYTHING…You cannot be anything if you don’t know who you are. When you allow yourself to be put in THETA crucible, and allow the impurities of your mind/Ego melt away, the gold, which is your Soul, THE REAL YOU, surfaces.

I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be. I trust my Soul and been blessed that DADDY/THETA and the Angels are always next to me (so I guess I do have that extra stuff more than majority of the people do). My only goal these days is just to BE, because that is what is being asked of me…for THETA has asked that I surrender it all…as they will be the one handling my Life’s itinerary. Many of my friends don’t understand this concept, because they never had been able to comprehend how to navigate between both the physical and spiritual realms. But I must draw the line on the sand now…I am asked of THETA to do what I am sent to do down here. So, I do want to say goodbye to those whom I’ve met along the path…but the WHEAT are being separated from the CHAFF as of this summer…I want to be with you, but I need to be with THETA’s side. I have struggled a lot on this, but now, I am beginning to accept my REAL DESTINY and RESPONSIBILITY the Celestial beings have started training me since I was a child. I am now at the point of NO RETURN…so is humanity…

How far are you from your Destiny?

I cannot change anything, for I am only here for a certain amount of time, just to give the THETA messages to humanity (and spare some for continuity). The Destiny of this planet is being based on all your collective consciousness choices. I can only do MY THETA JOB and hope you are truly LISTENING…and doing something about your CONDITIONINGS.

Like what THETA taught me through an old adage growing up to which I live by:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

With that said, your destiny changes with your thoughts. You become what you wish to become, do what you wish to do, when your habitual thought corresponds with your desire. Sow Ego, reap Ego. Sow Soul/Spirit, reap THETA and your designed Destiny you, the Elders and spirit guide agreed in your sacred contract. You are here to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and HELP HUMANITY AND PLANET…not get distracted with money, power and prestige. I am just saving you the bitchslap when go to the other side. THIS IS THETA MEMO. Heed it well. DETACH FROM ALL YOUR LOVE OF MATERIAL POSSESSIONS AND SELF-SERVING NEGATIVE EGO.

It is in those moments of decision, when you are alone with your heart, that your destiny is shaped. YOUR CHOICES are the backbone of your character. Destiny is not matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. There are NO SHORTCUTS.

There’s only one way to make room for new life: You’ve got to let go of the old stuff that’s holding you back from getting there. This is your moment to shake free of whatever it is that happens to be weighing you down. Shake hard! Let go…TRUST the Universe…

Believe me, I wish so much to give you all the CHEAT SHEET to every individuals, but I am not allowed that nor will I violate Universal Spiritual Laws outside of Earth. I answer to a very strict code. So those of you who like being spoonfed because YOU ARE VERY LAZY in doing your own PERSONAL CLEARING, HEALING and DEALING WITH YOUR DEMONS, I cannot emphasize enough that I am not sent down here to clean YOUR GARBAGE. You are given the task to pass your Soul Agenda down here. All your ACTIONS are being recorded. Your spirit guide is next to you at ALL TIMES…NOTHING is hidden from anyone in my THETA crew. I give you TOOLS…and YOU MUST DO THE WORK. I cannot dig your own plot of land. You are to de-weed and cultivate your own Soul’s soil. You MUST KNOW that your human brain is PURPOSELY blocking you from SEEING…YOU MUST LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. I am sent to your life to give you the TOOLS because you do not TRUST anything…including your own VOICE! Goodness…how far do you think you are going to go with that? Your Soul tanks are running very empty…and your Ego is having a party…but it won’t last long. I can assure you that when you die and you didn’t fulfill your PURPOSE DESTINY for coming down here…(I can assure you, it is not paying bills, having as many sexual partners, $$$ in the bank or how famous you are– THESE ARE EMPTY ACCOLADES)…your Soul will be feeling very remorseful…I have seen them before…this is why they keep coming back down here…and look were we are now…6.5 bn in WORLD POPULATION…these are SOULS who didn’t pass majority of their lessons in MANY LIFETIMES…it is PREPARATION FOR EXAMS time, folks…STUDY, DEPROGRAM, PREPARE, PRACTICE, LIVE IT…

Why do you think A LOT MORE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS were reincarnated in this time of history? Some came as AUTISTIC CHILDREN…INDIGOs, CRYSTALS, BLUES…etc…ALL FREQUENCIES here to ASSIST that you PASS…but they are here to assist Gaia because PHYSICALLY TRANSITIONING from 3rd to 5th DIMENSIONAL PLANET is not an easy process…the STRONG will be left behind to make sure the foundations of the 6th CIVILIZATION is in place. THIS is why I am here…for this transition…and leading the RESTORATION CREW.

SHOW THETA that you got what it takes…stop flunking and ditching your Soul lessons. FACE THEM HEAD ON! YOU CAN DO IT!

How desperate are you to be in your Destiny? Are you going to do whatever it takes? Majority of humanity have no idea about commitment to CHANGE. CHANGE is the only thing constant in the Universe. I wish I can show you everything that I see, but majority of you have not even handled my teachings even when I put them in HUMOR. I continuously pray that you read ALL the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LAYERS given in my posts (so far I do mostly on my Facebook Public Page). You mostly read it with imperfect skewed eyesight with human brain/Ego…those two block your Souls from re-remembering your sacred contracts. Then you allow everyone else control YOUR DESTINY…through religious upbringing, media, shopping, people worship, control over things and others, vanity, greed, pride, envy/jealousy, gluttony, laziness, vices, anger, status/wealth hounding, depression/despair/sorrow (low frequency negative), gossip, lust/sex, your MONEY attachments…

TAKE HEED: BLOCKING YOUR SOUL/HEART COMMUNICATING WITH YOU will be your downfall. Do not block the messages the spirit world sends you to your conscience. That is your spirit guide and Soul friends helping you…and they DO get frustrated when you don’t listen…because you are failing what you came here for.

HERE IS A COLD SHOWER: THE REASON YOU CHOSE EARTH AS A DESTINATION BECAUSE IT IS A PRIMITIVE PLANET, AND YOUR SOUL SHOWED A LOT OF COMPASSION TO ASSIST THE SPECIES. When you get to THAT understanding, NOTHING on this planet matters. Everything you got in your hands (and in front of you) are just means to do your JOB and PURPOSE. So how responsible have you been with your skills and talents? Or have you sold your Souls over measly Earthly rags?

I do not know which will be the destiny of each one of you (but I do have a clue, that is between me and DADDY); but one thing I know – the only ones among you who will be really happy will be those who have sought to fulfill their SACRED CONTRACTS….learned to LOVE YOUR SELVES…removed all negative thought forms…and found the way to serve HUMANITY…with PURENESS OF INTENT, REAL HONESTY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and PURPOSE.

TO THE THETA TEAM/FAMILY being mentored and DADDY has pre-selected, don’t get all too comfortable. THERE WILL BE A LOT OF SHUFFLING…CLEANING…and me letting you go…DADDY/THETA will cut you out of the team if you keep following me with a bicycle, when I am on a train. I cannot hold your hands all the way…YOU MUST GROW BACKBONE. You are the Elite of the Elite. You are being mentored by me because YOU are being trained as LEADERS. I am not training PUFFY FLIES…THETA TEAM is a whole different level than everyone else down here. WE HAVE A SPECIFIC JOB TO DO…we are NOT with the KUMBAYA FOLKS….which means, YOUR TRAINING and DISCIPLINE is much more difficult than the rest of the planet. Keep slacking, procrastinating, and not keeping yourselves accountable by refusing to communicate with me. YOUR SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES to me, actually. The same principle applies to the Old Souls in young bodies… do not wonder when one day, I do not ‘recognize’ nor ‘acknowledge’ you…because you were NEVER part of the FAMILY…you never bonded with us. You are in your own agenda…which of course, you will be bitchslap for that as well, because you didn’t honor your sacred contract of being part of this THETA MISSION. I selected you before I came here…this is why ALL OF YOU (MAJORITY) are OLDER than me. You came here first to be trained…NOW…we are all waking up. The Guardians and the Prophets recognize me…but you, the ones I am training…you are to ASSIST. Learn the hierarchies in the spirit realm. Do not think of Earth realm. Go deeper within…and you will find the humility you need to get this through. Otherwise, you have not learned how to identify your own Ego. Ego MUST go. KNOW YOUR PLACE.

There is a THETA TEAM…and there is a THETA FAMILY…two different purposes. Just so we are all clear here.

Seneca said, “The willing, Destiny guides them; the unwilling, Destiny drags them”. Most of you are lost because you do not listen at all. You read these words, but NEVER take it to heart. These words/posts were given to you as a WAKE UP CALL. Your Soul group pointed you towards me.

There’s only now, there’s only here. Give in to love or live in fear. No other path, no other way. No day but TODAY. No more excuses. Your time is very limited and ticking, HUMANITY. CHANGE… ♥ Mika-El

  1. Kris Hope says:

    MJ, you are awesome. You know that? I love your mind!

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