Facebook: Where lazy Grammarians meet

Posted: 2010/12/02 in Humor
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HISTORY LESSON: Global brain drain starts from Elementary school. It is when basic grammar class start having dropouts. The children are physically present but brains are optionally carried. They are made to stay in school with little interest because the parents are too lazy to take any parental responsibilities and the kids get entertained seeing how incompetence is cultivated from real life models. This is the late 20th Century model. Now in the 21st Century, computers are sold with free dictionary, only for decorations. Same dysfunctional societies, but with gadgets.

I do U R when I send sms since this year (I am finally learning) because i have been getting complaints why I must have correct grammar and full sentences all the time. Uhm, because I went to college, am educated and got silver medal on Spelling Quiz Bee? I am annoyed with the sms -lingo tho. They use it on Facebook! I need a dictionary! My head cannot comprehend LAZY TALK most of the times. I already have challenging time how to turn up and down my energy frequencies. A little assistance to the world of the idiot and lazy would be great. When you give me enough data, remind me to publish a new book: An Idiot’s Guide to Being an Idiot and How to succeed being Lazy in the 21st Century.

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