A Snapshot of American Thinking

Posted: 2011/05/30 in Society
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Here is a letter to the Editor in today’s News-Press. It is one of the best and poignant letters from an American citizen I’ve seen thus far. In my experience with people around the world, in particular with Americans, people often prefer a “lie” they can accept over a TRUTH they can’t. Sadly, THIS is the current mindset of humanity.

The best Letter to the Editor yet to be seen

Unfortunately, the TRUTH I delivered about the situation on Libya is much too truthful to handle. But if humanity embraces all the current woes and pains we cause each other, we can start healing together as ONE. There is still hope for REAL CHANGE. However, CHANGE is a CHOICE, starting from within. For it is only when we change the conditioned minds and listen to our hearts that we can truly heal this world.


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