Universal Fusionism 101: Right versus Privilege

Posted: 2011/06/11 in Enlightenment, Life, Philosophy, Relationships, Universal Fusionism
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Rights are not privilege. If something must be provided at the expense of someone else in order for someone to have it, then it is an entitlement, a privilege, or an act of charity – but it is not a “right”.

A privilege is defined as “a special advantage, immunity, or benefit enjoyed by a certain class, caste, or individual.” The definition for a right is listed as “something due to a person or governmental body by law, tradition, or nature.” This Right-Privilege is an epigram overdone and has been the cause of our society’s erosion. Etymologically a privilege means a “private law”, or rule relating to a specific individual.

Right is something you can do without asking for permission. The opposite of a right, therefore, is something you cannot do without asking for permission. Any time you need permission to do something it is a privilege. Simply put, if you ‘earned’ it….you’re ‘entitled’ to it. Those with ambition should not have to pay for those that have none. It all boils down to the idea of personal responsibility and accountability. A claim of equal protection of human beings is freed of the limitations which must apply to the doctrine of unconstitutional conditions.

Rights and privileges are opposites. There are three corollaries to the definition of rights:

• All rights are derived from property;
• Every right implies a responsibility; and
• The only limitation on your rights is the equal rights of others.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Property is the fruit of labor. Property is desirable, is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence.”

Thus, in my land, I can walk back and forth, back and forth, across my land anytime I want without asking anyone’s permission. Walking across my land is a right. Now if I walk to the side of your land, I cannot do so without your permission. I also have to treat your side with respect, not leave garbage or do vandalism, etc. It is a privilege to walk across your land. I must honor your space because I honor you as my equal. It is my responsibility to act and esteem you with respect because you “earned” that land, just as I “earned” mine.

This very simple concept is innate among children as young as two-year-old. Every two-year-old has two favorite words. They express their will over their environment. The first word is “No!” which is the equivalent of a royal veto — an attempt to forbid anyone from doing something they don’t approve of. They know their boundaries and implement them. This statement is rarely a successful veto, but it is uttered with the same assumption of autonomy as any king who ever lived. The other favorite word of children is “Mine!” which is frequently shouted with a presumption of unquestioned authority, regardless of the item being claimed. The child claims ownership of any item they wish to have control over. They already understand that if it is “mine!” then I am the one who will determine what happens to the item. In other words, “I have the right to do what I want with it.” Of course children have an incomplete understanding of property, having a much more difficult time with the concept of “yours.” Parents spend countless hours trying to teach their offspring not to touch other children’s toys unless they are given permission. The problem does not go away in later years, either. Siblings sharing the same room will often draw a line down the center of the room to establish “ownership” and control over a given area and the property that it contains.

Why do adults impose their will on others in all spheres of life, governments, relationships, properties, etc? Why do the others forget their own sovereignty as individuals and allow others to encroach and abuse their space? Why is it so wrong when people are reminded of the difference and blur Universal TRUTH principle such as this? You have to wake up, Sheeple! No one owes you anything. Earn and prove yourselves just like everyone else. You have the same Greatness locked within you just as each person on the planet. You just need to dig through and remove all your learned conditionings and fears. It is also advisable to stop comparing yourselves in envy with one another. Your Destiny and Purpose on this planet is different from everyone else. Be content with your own stamp of success. It all boils to one thing: CHOICE. Choice to be Great in all your endeavors. Choice to remove all your fears and negative thinking for you attract what you habitually think. Choose to rise above your old patterns. Choice to be who you really are, a Limitless Spiritual Being having a human experience. Respect each other’s sovereignty. Male or female. As sovereigns Spiritual Beings, we deserve all the best. Believe that. Don’t covet your neighbor’s success. Practice GRATITUDE in all aspects of your thought process and you will see the difference it makes. The Universe is more apt to send you opportunities and blessings when they know they are esteemed.


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