Universal Fusionism 101: Love or Fear? The CHOICE is yours!

Posted: 2011/06/14 in Enlightenment, Philosophy, THETA, Universal Fusionism
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Our world is going through a transformation. It is too late to “save” it. There are many signs at why we are indeed in the last days of old civilization, 5th, and heading towards the new. The biggest sign is the fact this Era is the darkest and fragmented era humanity has ever experienced. This is why if humanity does not make the choice, the Universe will make it for them. Collectively, we make or break this planet. Those that are not supposed to be here, will be removed. Those who are, we shall inherit it.

Our civilization will disappear and give rise to the new and it will lead by people who gives no room for fear. ALL LOVE.

These people who will rise…

They are strong. They stand up for TRUTH. They stand up for PEACE. They stand up even when standing is not easy. They do not run away from political discussions and give solutions in a higher frequency level. They do not shy away from debate. They are not whiny. They are not procrastinators. They are not lazy. They do not fear death. They are single-minded guided by Higher Forces of Guidance. They do not recycle outmoded and stale messages. They have perfected virtues in their character, refined through the crucible they allowed themselves to be perfected. They have special light around them. They are reliable. They are trustworthy. They are teachable. They have real humility towards their Spiritual Elders and understand hierarchy of Spiritual Forces, not false pride and denial. They esteem every little thing the Universe gives them. They are ruled by true compassion and boundless from conditioned shackles of any primitive beliefs held by this civilization. They do not recycle 12,000 years of anthropomorphic master/slave vocabularies and etymologies. They are very high frequency. They come with a different language and mindset. Their peace comes with courage. They do not worship and are free from the chains of material illusions.

They know who they are: Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Their Ego is tamed and they have removed all their greedy Ego desires. Their Soul is the Captain of their Destiny

They are FEARLESS. They only know and live in LOVE. Their speech is one with their thoughts and actions. They live TRUTH, not just express it. They speak from their hearts and walk their talks. They are ONE within themselves and with others.


Behold, Humanity. CHANGE is looming.

The Age of Separation has come to an end.

It is time to E/MERGE the energies and balance the Yang (masculine) and Yin (feminine) within our bodies, minds and hearts, and TOGETHER as a RACE, inject the Yin back to this world.

Universal Fusionism: Harmony, not sameness. Order, not New World Order.

LOVE is a verb. Not a noun. It requires ACTION.



Do NOT miss the wave!

It is time.


  1. Kristin Brænne says:

    Stay excellent!

  2. Teresa R.Hernandez says:

    What happens to humans who are imperfect…..most of us? We want peace too. Do we have a role in the battle? The people you describe sound like angel warriors on Earth. Aren’t they already evolved? Humans with all our imperfections….should continue to participate in the peace passion. That is my belief and hope.

    • mjsantos says:

      You have a long way to go. You are still not awake. You are to remove ALL your conditioning and deprogram from that. You didn’t read well for if you understand when I wrote “Spiritual beings having a human experience”, you wouldn’t have your belief like that.

  3. Oolong says:

    I just needed to say this is an awesome blog, thank you for your post!

  4. Ang Rode-Neumann says:

    brilliantly truthful, nothing to be added, ❤

  5. lulu233 says:

    Extremely fantastic information can be discovered on weblog.

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