Disclosure on “DISCLOSURE”: Not all aliens are good

Posted: 2011/06/21 in 2012, Enlightenment, THETA
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We are indeed racing against time. Humanity must come together and stop being droned Sheeples. There is a reason for every smokescreen out there. This is why I called on 14 day ALL WATER FASTING. Our THETA Light Warriors must get mobilized. The first portal vortex entry is in Las Vegas. This is why protecting my Las Vegas One is imperative and why my brother is being held in induced coma.

The Disclosure Project of Dr. Steven Greer is not all that it seems. It is a pandora’s box. The TRUTH: Not all aliens are good. They are here and doing mind-control making everyone think they are good. They are not. Watch V miniseries. This is the closest reality you will get on what is about to happen. There is a reason why StarGates also are made into movies. You MUST wake up!

We have no more time for “Love and Light” Kumbaya sing-song. Majority of the “global consciousness” are meant to take people on another deception. It is too late to save the planet. The race is saving Humanity. The spineless will be roadkill. WAKE UP, CHOOSE SIDES.

How do we do the right thing?

LIBYA: Stop bombing my Boeing, You Sarcoz-ick Twat!

Libya and the Middle East: Endgame, not Democracy

Many Shades, Many Realities. Which side are you on?

Advent of One World Currency?

Take me to your Leader, Earthling! – Alien Visitor

The Global Secret Covenant

Gold Rush and Shuffling economies

Tell me your thoughts!

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