Posted: 2011/06/24 in Enlightenment, Exopolitics, Video
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I didn’t believe it when someone who was connected to SETI came to me 15 years ago, whom I will thank for as being an Earth Angel, warned me of what is to come. I didn’t believe because of my religious and life conditioning. I didn’t believe because I couldn’t believe people can be truly evil that they will manufacture history in a hoax. I didn’t believe that the people I was surrounded with were actually the Dark Ones’ emissaries, yet they call themselves “Christians”.

I didn’t believe who I was. I didn’t believe because I was asleep. I didn’t believe of what is to come in 2001 at that young age because I refuse to embrace my Destiny. I didn’t believe that I am to be ostracized for just being me. I didn’t believe that the friends I thought were mine are my actual enemies. I didn’t believe those whom I looked up to are not who they appear.


I didn’t believe I would see the day that our civilization will end and that a mass mind control and manipulation is possible.

I didn’t believe that one day, TRUTH is criminalized. I didn’t believe that they would do anything just to push their greedy agenda and sweep TRUTH under the rug.

I didn’t believe they knew me and been watching me since I was child. I didn’t believe I was that important. I didn’t believe I would make a difference. I didn’t believe that for speaking the TRUTHS, they would viciously attack, discredit, bully, harass, hurt, and destroy me at all costs and peg me as the Anti-Christ and False Prophet. I didn’t believe that one day when I grow up, they will do whatever it takes to not have me fulfill my Destiny because they KNOW what my future is: UNITE HUMANITY TOWARDS LOVE, HARMONY, ORDER and PEACE.

I believe now.

I am very awake.
I will not keep silent.
I will not stay down.
I am not afraid anymore.
I love you even when you hate and leave me.
I live my truths, not just speak of it.
I give my life to these unadulterated truths.
Even if I stand alone…

…because I truly love you, whoever you are.

For I want you to live and survive, Humanity.

I implore you to wake up from your slumber.

I implore you to get rid of your greedy Ego desires.

Time is not our friend anymore.




  1. Ang Rode-Neumann says:

    WE, believe because WE are Family THETA and WE will NOT keep quite until our victory over the ENEMY,

  2. Ang Rode-Neumann says:

    <<<< awoken and beleiving !!!!!

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