The Truth, the Bad and the Fugly

Posted: 2011/06/27 in Geopolitics
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Winston Churchill said, “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

No matter how much the Coalition and NATO hides the truth about their Libyan agenda to the world, truth is truth.

What is bad for the Coalition is that they cannot shut the Libyan people up and the truth from coming out. Recently, one million Libyan pro-Gaddafi marched in support for him in Tripoli. Yet there was no major media coverage of some kind. It is very clear that the instigators just want to stay in denial because the Agenda is just too important, even when sane critics speak up.

Here’s how fugly it gets. The TRUTH is coming out whether they like it or not. Recent videos of civilian beheading by the rebels has now surfaced. How can you not see this as evidence of a war crime? How can people not see that this is not a humanitarian war? Did they redefine “humanitarian” into something “guinea pig? So Libya is the laboratory to test their new weapons?

Susan Lindauer, a journalist and author specializing on American interventions, has never believed the allied forces intervened in Libya out of humanitarian reasons. It is a war for oil which was prepared long ago, Lindauer argues – anyone who cared about the Libyan people would stop immediately.

What is truly interesting is that NATO is lying, even when many of us know they are committing war crimes and people have evidence. Putin also has now officially come out and asked the motive behind this Libyan conflict.

If this continues as what the Coalition plans, this will only end up as a protracted civil war, with a long disruption of oil production and exports, and a conflict that could spread beyond its borders. Libya could quickly become a failed economy and state. We are seeing the making of another Somalia.

What is the world doing? Why are the majority still asleep? Is Humanity so numb? I think I need to buy a new dictionary because it seems people are not using the same as I do.


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