TRUTH takes character

Posted: 2011/08/15 in Leadership, Life, Motivational, Relationships, Universal Fusionism
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TRUTH is a very heavy burden and responsibility just like #LOVE, therefore few care to carry and practice it. Yet, they walk hand in hand and require corresponding act.

TRUTH, even when in front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle for the Ego. This is the reason why relationships fail. One or both parties are too proud to submit to TRUTH.

TRUTH is scarce for the supply of denial has always been in excess of the demand. Many are unprepared for TRUTH for they have been weaned in political correctness. Majority are not used to the unsugarcoated pill thanks to the brainwashing of everyone since childhood through media, education and their governments, which is why TRUTH has to be revealed progressively.

People prefer the lies and half-truths because they are beautiful and charming.

TRUTH is not difficult to see. It is very obvious and visible at a glance. People choose denial when they err because this is more comfortable.

TRUTH is the most deadly weapon ever discovered by Humanity. It is capable of destroying entire perceptual sets, beliefs, cultures, and realities, and it is outlawed by all governments, leaders, groups and individuals everywhere. Whoever possesses such weapon is normally punishable by disassociation or at worse, death.

Candor and straightforward real honest communication is a double-edged sword; it may heal or it may separate. It takes real character and courage to acknowledge TRUTH.

TRUTH is a “hate speech” and insult to those who have something to hide and are dishonest within themselves.

Real humility is nothing but TRUTH, and pride is nothing but lying and denial.

Our world is under great threat by sincere ignorance, fear, false humility, conscientious stupidity and united in error, all founded under the blankets of knowledge based on lies.

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