How a Star dies

Posted: 2011/09/14 in Geopolitics, Life, Society, THETA
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When too much iron accumulates in the CORE of a Star, it begins to collapse under its own weight, which sends “shockwaves” raising upwards, literally blowing the Star apart (Supernova). At the moment the Star dies, if enough matter falls into its CORE, it collapses to a point, forming a BLACK HOLE.

The same is the heart and Soul of a person.

True beauty results from cultivating a pure soul. Ever been around people who look physically attractive and after spending a few minutes around them, their beauty seems to fade in from of your eyes? Then you have people in time, just looks prettier the more you know them?

The world bombards us to focus on the external. Women are driven to anorexia in efforts to achieve model-like thinness and make-up companies earn a fortune from our efforts to look more “perfect.” Men are faced with near impossible standards of buff-ness. Fitness clubs have become temples of the body, where men try to sculpt themselves into the image of a perfect man–bursting biceps, six pack abs, and chiseled pecks. All of this in efforts to look more beautiful; to be more attractive.

The problem is, real beauty can’t be achieved through diets and make up. A truly attractive person isn’t born in a gym. Soul deep, last-a-life-time beauty comes from a pure soul. You can see these in the eyes – the window of everyone’s soul.

Our societies have purposely destroyed everything that is sacred. All relationships have turned into commodity and market place, a trade.

People don’t commit to working on the content of their character, their sacredness and their purity. Humanity delves into much depravity and debauchery. The saddest thing, is the parents are passing this on to their babies, exposing them on television where sex, lies and violence (and all sorts of mind-control programming takes place).

Impurity is a grimy film that coats the soul, a shadow that blocks light and darkens our countenance. Would you drink filthy water to quench your thirst?

The heaviness of external corruption that bombards our daily lives can be overwhelming. Many walk around this world unconsciously “awake”. This passivity and apathy to TRUTH and SACREDNESS is the reason why our world is degenerated. We put up with the assault by the Corporatists who manipulate everyone to consumerism. People get things they want, not based on need. They don’t know the difference. They just accumulate…”stuff”…and it has become a disease. There is a compulsive and impulsive “shopping” behavior. Many are spiritually-bankrupt and thereby become a BLACK HOLE. They don’t know their Purpose in life. They don’t have deep meaning for their existence. They just roll wherever they please.

This is not a religious “preaching”. I am pointing out how our world is ruled by greed, manipulative “what can I get out of you” relationships, and Ego desires (some are just really icky).

I do not believe that as human beings, we are to behave lower than animals. Look at what they are doing in Libya, Middle East and Africa: Ethnic cleansing. For what? What is the purpose? What is the purpose of killing another race? Why are the people just watching it like it is only a TV entertainment show? But if it is a new pair of shoes, gadget or hamburger, people will rush to get it. But never this sort. It is too “serious” and “heavy”. Besides, it is not in their neighborhood, so why will that mean anything, right?

I think we all need to be alarmed. Priorities are screwed.

I am calling Humanity to BE pro-active and compassionate human beings. Being a human being means you have a Soul.

Whatever you feed, it grows. Do you feed your Ego or your Soul? Are you a Black hole or a Star?

What rules you?


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