Syrians happy, now let’s get back on Libya and REMOVE NO FLY ZONE

Posted: 2011/10/14 in Geopolitics
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Many Syrians chanted slogans to thanked Russia and China and to show their support for President Bashar al-Assad.

Military helicopters flying over the Syrian capital carried the flags of Russia and China.

Some of the Syrians chanted slogans against France, the United States and Turkey.

All this celebration because China and Russia stood up at the UN Security Council and saw through the lies of France, Britain and USA. They TORPEDOED the Syrian draft proposal for intervention because The Coalition of France, Britain, USA with NATO abused and violated the NO FLY ZONE, UNSC 1973 on Libya. If there is a war of words I would have love to witness, it would be that.

I know that I have always been “bullied” because of my principles and sure, my ideas and feelings about certain things are not “mainstream”, but why diplomats of that level, at the United Nations or any important global or regional meetings, do people walk out on people because they already come to the meetings with preconceived ideas or worse, agenda? Isn’t that what teenagers do to adults when they don’t get what they want? They go huffin’ and puffin’ and threaten to blow your entire house down if the parent or adult they want to manipulate does not bend?

But Ambassadors representing their nation to the ultimate governing body of our planet?

You can tell who the real grown ups are in the entire United Nations. Ambassador Rice of USA walked out having a tantrum on Syria’s speaker. Very…uhm…ambassadorial of you, Madame.

BRAVO to China and Russia for showing the world how to be honorable dignified nations!

So many lies and media purposeful disinformation about Libya that we have to use a lot of energy of keeping up with their well-oiled lie-maker machines.

Let’s do a little TRUTH recap:

First, Libyan government spokesman, Dr. Ibrahim Moussa, confirmed that the arrest of Moatassem-Billah Gaddafi is a pure LIE and HOAX invented by NTC, NATO and their spin doctors.

Second, Sirte is not captured. Libyans are still defending their sovereign nation from the Libyan RATS. It ain’t over. The media is just doing their job to lower morale. But when you know the TRUTH from the beginning and deep down inside, you can’t give up. How can you? You know that when NATO and the NO FLY ZONE is removed, all things will be back to where it was: Gaddafi guiding his people to build Libyan Arab Jamahiriya as a world class North African country after decades of being in isolation.

Third, Amnesty concurs now to what many of us have been saying since February: Libyan National Transitional Council is made up of racist lawless undocumented war criminals.

If you are still not awake from layers and layers of TRUTHFUL EVIDENCE that I and the others present in order for you to get on board and remove the NO FLY ZONE, I am sorry, but you need to get off my planet. We cannot have anymore stupid people around here. We need more breathing room for intelligent unborn coming soon.

  1. Dann Rivera says:

    Here we go the “ALIGNMENT OF THE STARS” CHINA/RUSSIA/ARAB NATIONS vs US/NATO/UN, GLOBAL WAR ON WORLD DOMINATION. Remember December 8, 2011, will be the formal declaration of World War IV. World War III – false flag attack in 9/11 – the declaration of the War of Terror in the Middle East.

  2. […] Syrians happy, now let’s get back on Libya and REMOVE NO FLY ZONE ( […]

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