Norway, Eat your pride and apologize to China already!

Posted: 2011/10/17 in Free trade, Geopolitics

Tough being caught in the middle of several nations’ squabble. Why is it so difficult for people to admit and apologized they are wrong? Hello, you rewarded Nobel Peace Prize to LIES and TRAITORS and you want China to condone it?

Let’s not go through the fact that you have climate hoax god, Al Gore and Mr. Hopey Warmonger Changey Obama got Nobel. Maybe the committee were on drugs… or kickbacks.

You and your possé did the same with Libyan RATS. What did you do? Accuse Gaddafi of LIES, bomb the innocent with a mandated LIE from UN Security Council and recognize these undocumented criminals as new government of Libya? Yet you call it nonpolitical issue?

Think with me, Kids. If I was your Mom, and one of the children keep insulting the entire family to the other neighbors with LIES, then the neighbors condone it by paying and rewarding the LYING CHILD with monies and perks to continue to lie because they want the good name of MY FAMILY destroyed…don’t you think at some point, you will need to discipline the child? That’s good parenting.

Sure, growing up in Scandinavia, I know this behavior maybe fine with the parents there and all over the west, but among Asians? Hell NO! You will be disowned and disinherited from the family for life! Honor and respect to your family is considered right under God!

If you’re going to award real Chinese heroes, award my heroes Sun Tzu, Zhuge Liang and Admiral Cheng Ho. They truly did wonderful things for peace and prosperity within and outside China. OK, they are many centuries dead, but you do get the difference between what is hero and what is a RAT, right?

What you did was WRONG!

USA told you to give that Nobel Award to Liu Xiaobo, for political dagger, whether you admit it to the world or not. I see through it. Well, keep being stubborn, and all trades with China will be frozen indefinitely. All this will be resolve if you learn to be humble enough to admit you made a mistake.

Besides, it is truly high time that you make changes within the Nobel Committee. The ones you have now are incompetent and biased in selecting real Peace Prize winners. It has become, indeed, a political ploy and enhancing PR campaigns that condone fragmentation of the world. It is complete opposite of what Alfred Nobel wants. As I said many times, he has turned over in his grave with fury for insulting his Will and Testament.

It breaks my heart the salmons are not being enjoyed by the Chinese. They are wonderful as sashimi. I love them! But it is what it is.

China does not have amnesia. This was very close to their heart and you assisted in stabbing them in front of the world. Front and center.

Apologies are good for the soul. The more you dance around this, the more the wound festers. Who do you think suffers more between the two of you? Norway, you are the nation who gives out Nobel PEACE prizes. Live up to this reputation.

Meditate on this. Really.

  1. Jason says:

    I don’t know much about LiuXiaoBo, but it was ridiculous that Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize. He had barely started his time in office and did nothing to deserve the prize. In fact, he didn’t even keep his promises to end the wars in Afghanistan or Iran. The NPPC is a joke.

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