China is not the Enemy, but U.S. Government, Wall Street and Federal Reserve

Posted: 2011/10/18 in Economy
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China is NOT the enemy of global economy, but Obama and ENTIRE Congress. But the Americans (even millionaires) want to believe Wall Street’s “RECOVERY” so badly that they go excited with “returns” when in TRUTH, the markets only APPEAR they are up since 2009. It is all A BIG DELUSION OF ILLUSIONS. Majority didn’t know that they have been LOSING ENORMOUS MONIES since then, but they are OFF THE RADAR because that is how U.S. Govt wants it. Only the very in tuned investors know and this is why NO ONE trusts Wall Street anymore.

The U.S. government is SO desperate that they are using scapegoats like China, doing everything they can to hide the books just to keep everyone calm, and have people continue to spend their beloved greenback US Dollars, even though since 2007, it has truly become worth less than my toilet paper.

The $1.85 TRILLION toilet paper infusion in the global markets that Federal Reserve has created, is not being called INFLATION. They use fancy words like “re-investment”, “stimulus” and “quantitative easing”.

In fact, the $1 Million dollars from March 2009 based on what the Federal Reserve did is actually $316,000 in real money terms.

So, having Obama forced the Americans to increase debt ceiling, was really killing American economy behind the smokescreen. What Obama has done and doing now, that same $1 Million dollar retirement nest egg for people is soon to become $99,500 +/-.

China should learn from this and not follow the Federal Reserve paper printing binge. It will kill them in the short and long term.

But the Americans still are not awake and following the delusional belief that the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve cares for any of their future.

Perhaps, when the millionaires and people that have paid thousands of dollars to get Masters or PhDs will start flipping burgers at McDonald’s and bagging groceries for WalMart, the asleep and apathetic Americans and people of this world will wake up. Sadly when it reaches that stage, all will be too late.

  1. Timothy Halloran says:

    It has already gotten to that point. Many people I have graduated with from undergraduate as well as graduate school are either underemployed or underemployed. Some of them are bagging groceries at Wal-Mart. When you have NYU and Fordham graduates competing for 10/hr jobs one knows something is wrong. I simply only see things getting worse.

  2. Dann Rivera says:

    The blind cannot see, the deaf cannot hear and the zombies remain dead. But don’t worry keep the light shinning to guide those whose eyes are open, keep shouting on rooftops so those who can hear will receive warning. That’s your full duty to God.

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