Humanity mourns with Libya while Warmongering Elites and their Puppets Celebrate over Gaddafi’s Murder

Posted: 2011/10/24 in Geopolitics
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Here is how messed up our so-called JUSTICE today. Gaddafi was MURDERED by EXECUTION sanctioned by US Govt via Hillary Clinton. And the “world” celebrates? Clearly, those who are celebrating are a bunch of Sheeples who have no clue what really took place here.

For someone like Hillary who wants Foreign Policy Laurels since she didn’t pull off the Nobel commendations from Egypt as everyone knew in my circles she was clueless and not doing much, I guess being WAR CRIMINAL is the second best thing. Remember, when she ran for office, her level was not as far off with Sarah Palin who could see Russia from her backyard. Her only advantage was that she got to play tag-along with her former President husband was who somewhat doing his job. Hello, she couldn’t even say who the Russian President was in her Presidential campaign debates until she became Secretary of State.

Gaddafi’s execution was a clear contempt of international court violation of ALL INTERNATIONAL LAWS. An execution follows lawful due process. Yet the world brushes it aside.

Since they were following the Kosovo recipe, perhaps, we will witness another International Criminal Court proceeding that is very much USA funded and formed, like how the judge selected then who is George Soros Chairman of the Board.

You really think this is peace, Mr. Hopey Changey (USA), Sarco-zick (France) and French Poodle Flashman (Cameron)?

I was told that Obama’s popularity is so low that he can’t even attract 200 people at a rally lately. It makes sense to me why you would authorize Gaddafi’s murder. You do know, Mr. President that this officially makes you also a WAR CRIMINAL. We warned you that you were already since March, but this seals the stamp of approval from majority who knows international law.

Ah, but you were desperate. You had a deadline and you boys can’t figure out how to fund this little Libyan Cowboy Adventure. You also need an election campaign boost. Like the China Bill and the Iran-backed assassination made up accusation to Iran.

Just as when you were desperate in making up some sensational story that you captured the elusive Osama bin Laden, when he was dead many years ago, and did not care for disrespecting Pakistan’s sovereign rights. Instead of apologizing, you gave them your typical arrogant respond and then blamed them for incompetence and being uncooperative? It’s interesting because based on what I know, your possé got a good plan to destabilize them too. You are all very predictable this year with these PR talking points coming out of the same script.

Let me give you a hindsight: Look at Italy who began as a Republic by murdering Mussolini and a number of innocent people like Clara Petacci. Italy has still not recovered and has changed more governments in the last fifty years. They are still trying to wash off the blood and sins from their hands.

How do you boys sleep at night and face the camera the next day knowing you keep lying to the world to cover your crimes? You really think people are stupid. Not sure what drugs you are all on, but in this world, it is clear to us YOU ARE WAR CRIMINALS.

Only bloodthirsty warmongering Vampires and their criminal NTC puppets are celebrating Gaddafi’s death. Libyans? NO. 95% are behind Gaddafi, remember? Here’s real Libyan history: The day that ALL LIBYANS CELEBRATED was when Colonel Gaddafi overthrew King Idris in 1969. Tripoli was full of rejoicing crowds.

Today, they are all grieving with millions around the world. They are also reloading their weapons and preparing to DESTROY EVERYTHING in the country because they refuse to give anything to their so-called new “masters”. They all vowed that they will die first before they bow down to USA, France, Britain and NATO imperialists.

Is this how United Nations Security Council has become? The highest institution on the planet that sanctions genocide? Why can’t they just take off the mask and change the constitution. While doing so, let us change the words “peace” to “war”, “security” to “destabilization, racism and genocide”, “democracy” to “tyranny”, “civil society” to “barbarism”, “humanitarian” to “greed and corruption” and “just” to “prejudice,dishonest,biased, partial, unfair”.

NATO must fall and soon, for the betterment of the entire world. They do NOT work for peace. At all. They are bullies, thugs and parasites to nation’s coffers. The monies they use for grandiose weapons should be used to feed the hungry and give people jobs. Russia, China and Iran want PEACE. And NO. That is not just bullshit fancy talking points like you warmongers do on TV. They want REAL PEACE. They just want to do trade.

Apropos, notice that the warmongers come from young nations? They behave like teenagers, don’t they? “Security”, my arse. Whatevah! Go play war games on videos and stop destroying innocent people’s lives.

Care, Leaders of 193 nations. Care. Did you think when you were elected, it was just for show? DO YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. OR LEAVE OFFICE. NOW.

  1. Dann Rivera says:

    I like how you see and speak clearly about the TRUTH. Will people hear? Would they believe the TRUTH when they hear it?

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