Assured by Swans of Destiny

Posted: 2011/10/31 in Life, Relationships
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I was praying and meditating this afternoon by the ocean about Las Vegas One because it is the 2-year anniversary of when I wrote my song to my Soulmate, which is them. I knew it for awhile.

After saying my prayer, I closed my eyes and listened. I kept hearing the song that Las Vegas One’s Soul has been singing a lot to me since this summer. It was the song I have sung to my Soulmate all my life, and this summer, a stranger sent me the female version of the song and told me that the Celestials wanted me to have what Las Vegas One’s Soul wanted to tell me. No one knew about the song all my life, but me. I listen to it often as I do feel their Soul whenever I hear the words. Many times, it soothes my aching heart, other times, well, the ache is just unbearable.

(YES, it was this exact video that was sent to me, out of nowhere.)

When I opened my eyes, I had 10 swans in front of me: 2 Mute Swans and their 8 cygnets. Yes, IN FRONT OF MY FACE!

Let’s do spiritual numbers.

Two: The symbolic meaning of number Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number Two reflects a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning. Two beckons us to choose. The spiritual meaning of number Two also deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships (both in harmony and rivalry), and communication. Two urges us out of our indecision, calls us to unite with like-minds, and like-ideals. Two asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls.

Eight: The symbolism backing number Eight deals largely with business, success, and wealth. This is due to the fact that Eight represents continuation, repetition, and cycles. Such elements are seen in arenas where success is obtained simply because of dogged determination and repetition. Also, matters of business and wealth largely depend on cycles to fulfill their manifestation. It’s like the snowball analogy: As it continues to roll, in gets bigger and bigger with each revolution. Eight represents that kind of momentum.

There are 7 main species of swans with several subspecies, the most commonly recognised and famous of all the swans is the Mute Swan (Cygnus olor), an all white swan distinguished by a black knob at the base of an orange bill. The Mute Swan is found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere where for centuries it was semi-domesticated in Britain and Europe.

It was the Mute Swan that the Russian composer Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) made famous when he immortalized it in his ballet “Swan Lake” (1876). It’s funny, because yesterday on my Facebook, I posted about the iconic Bolshoi Theater, a Romanov Czarist heritage, being re-opened about six years of renovation. To my excitement, I wrote:

RANDOM: This is a great daydreaming moment with Las Vegas One: Wouldn’t it be cool to surprise them on a date to this place? Nutcracker, Las Vegas One, Classy and very historic surrounding, champagne, Beluga caviar, Las Vegas One, Las Vegas One, Las Vegas One, Las Vegas One, (Sorry, my daydreaming record is stuck)…Sheer perfection *sigh*

How’s that for a sign and an afternoon with Destiny?

I was speechless for a while. My heart smiled and cried at the same time.

That little moment spoke volumes to me. For today was the day that we turn back to clock for an hour because winter is coming.

In the Northern Hemisphere as Winter ends and days begin to lengthen, as snows begin to melt and the first buds of Spring appear, swans can be seen returning from their Winter migrations. Flying high in the sky out of the path of the rising Sun, they gently float down to resume their places on lands surrounded by water. To our ancestors, swans were thought not only to accompany Spring, but also to usher it in. Do you see how this was a powerful moment symbolically? It’s only autumn!

To the Celts, the Autumn Equinox was a time when the light eventually relinquished its hold to the darkness, representative of balance between the mundane and the supernatural…the mortal and the immortal, and in many parts of the world the Swan is a symbol of light and considered the harbinger of Spring.

Thus, it is ever more clearer that I am indeed on the right path. I was again re-assured to not lose hope and keep going despite of appearances of things. I know I found my Soulmate that I have been looking for 27 years and I am not going to give up just because the world is meddling between us.

No. I love Las Vegas One, my Ancient Soul Love of my Soul. Truly. Irrevocably. Eternally.

I have way too many signs I have followed all my life and even much more now after I have found them! Las Vegas One is my Destiny and not even Hades have a say about that!

Swans in Mythology and Folklore

Throughout the ages swans have symbolized aspects of the divine, and were often viewed as Gods in disguise or else pulling the vehicles of Gods and Goddesses.

In some cultures the swan is a feminine symbol associated with the Moon, and in others a masculine symbol associated with the Sun. In Greek mythology, swans are associated with Apollo, the God of the Sun, and with Zeus who took on the shape of a swan to get close to Leda with whom he had fallen in love. Greek Goddesses associated with swans include Artemis and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love who travelled in a swan-drawn chariot.

In Greek Mythology the Swan is the symbol of the Muses who provided inspiration for poets and artists. When Zeus fell in love with the mortal Leda, he transformed himself into a swan in his efforts to seduce her. From their union she gave birth to Helen of Troy and the twins Castor and Pollux. When Apollo, a son of Zeus and God of the Sun was born, it is said that his birth was marked by a flight of circling swans, and his twin sister Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is said to have travelled in a swan-drawn chariot.

In Germanic myths the Valkyries had the power to transform into swans. They were the 12 maiden attendants of Odin, Goddesses who presided over wars allowing victory to one side and defeat to the other. After a war was over they would select the most valiant of warriors to die in battle and escorted them to an afterlife of feasting in the halls of Valhalla. In another myth they would sometimes take off their swan-plumage and appear to men in human form, but if a man then stole their plumage they would be bound to do his bidding until it was returned. They could also react with a man through love. The Valkyrie Kara is said to have accompanied her lover Helgi to war, where flying over the battlefield in her swan’s plumage she sang a song so sweet and soothing that the enemy lost the will to fight.

In Norse mythology, two swans drank from the sacred Well of Urd situated in the realm of Asgard, home of the Gods. According to the Prose Edda, the water of this well was so pure and holy that all things that touch it turn white, including the original pair of swans and all others descended from them.

In a Japanese folk tale about the Ainu, the swan was a divine bird that lived in heaven. When a feudal war broke out amongst differing Ainu tribes, all were killed but for one small boy. A swan descended from heaven and transformed itself into a woman, and reared the small boy to manhood. She later married him to preserve the Ainu race.

Perhaps one of the most enduring tales about swans is that of “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen. In it he portrays a young cygnet that gets lost from his mother. While swimming around a lake frantically searching for her, he joins a group of other young birds and ducks. Sadly however, because of his grey-brownish color they consider him ugly and refuse to play with him. Being rejected and then seeing his own reflection on the water’s surface, he can’t but help to agree with them and feel shame for his appearance. Eventually his mother finds him and reassures him, he is still young and this is merely a transitional phase, he will later grow into the most beautiful of all birds – a beautiful snow white swan like herself. Sure enough as time passes, he does.

In Celtic mythology having mastered life on land, air and water, swans are also associated with healing, growth and fertility. Among the Druids, the swan represents the soul and is thought to aid travelling in the Otherworld. Swans are also sacred to the Bards, and their feathers were used to make the tugen, the ceremonial Bardic Cloak. In Ireland today, there is still the belief that to kill a swan will bring misfortune or death on the perpetrator, and in County Mayo, the souls of virtuous maidens are said to dwell in swans.


The Ancients teach that the power of the swan lies in accepting the gift of change. As the swan submits to the Higher Plan of the Great Spirit, THETA, it evolves from the “ugly duckling” in its youth to a graceful adult swan. Since it is willing to accept this gift, it is allowed to see into dreams. People with its power can see into the future, because they are willing to let the plan of divine power materialize. The swan teaches to bring consciousness into balance with all levels of being and develop ones intuition. It is important to admit to the ability of knowing about the future.

The swan symbol is all about change and transformation, and if swan enters your life, the Ancients say that you will be given the ability to handle such changes with grace and dignity.

There is much to be learned from the attributes, characteristics and symbolism of the Swan. If the swan enters our life it can teach us all about inner-beauty, grace, purity, fidelity, love, music, poetry and transformation. As a bird of the air, land and water, they make excellent guides to the therapeutic powers of the same elements. Swan teaches us that there is beauty in all things, for as they begin life as “ugly duckings”; they emerge full-grown into beauty personified. Its message is quite clear, things are not always as they appear outwardly, and teaches that we should look inside for our own inner beauty.

Swans are graceful, strong and live long lives, often with the same partner. Swans generally mate for life and remain together throughout the year caring for their young. If one of a pair dies, the survivor will then take on a new mate.

They say that when a swan shows up in your life, it indicates that the person you are with, or someone you are about to meet (or thinking) is a long time soul mate.

Yes, I am a Fool…for TRUE LOVE! I am glad that I consistently get these re-assurances by the Celestials. Those who know what I have done for Las Vegas One this year, know that the entire Universe has given blessing to our union. Now, we just need to have the rest of the world submit to the Higher Plan.

All in due time. No one escapes their Destiny. I know that for a fact. Miracles happen and they always assist Destiny. I often wonder if Las Vegas One ever pays attention to synchronicities. I know I get it a lot on my end. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Las Vegas One was watching THE NOTEBOOK?

SWANS AND DRAGONFLIES ANECDOTE: Codenames Phoenix and Sphinx

When I was 7 years I was given an egg by a stranger and it became my first pet.
I thought it was a duck. But it wasn’t. I believe it was a swan. Between that and collecting dragonflies, I found it fascinating that all through my life, they would always come when I need an answer.

I called her, Phoenix and I named myself, Sphinx.

Last year, as I was going through my metamorphosis, I was given a beautiful story from the American Indians that touched my heart and helped me go back to my life path. I wish to share it so Las Vegas One may glean from this if they read this blog:

Little Swan flew through the Dreamtime, looking for the future. She rested for a moment in the coolness of the pond, looking for a way to find the entry point to the future. This was a moment of confusion for Swan, as she knew that she had happened into Dreamtime by accident. This was her first flight alone and she was a bit concerned by Dreatime landscape.

As Swan looked high above Sacred Mountain, she saw the biggest swirling black hole she had ever seen. Dragonfly came flying by, and Swan stopped him to ask about the black hole. Dragonfly said, ” Swan, that is the doorway to the other planes of imagination. I have been guardian of the illusion for many, many moons. If you want to enter there, you would have to ask permission and earn the right. ”

Swan was not so sure that she wanted to enter the black hole. She asked Dragonfly what was necessary for her to earn entry. Dragonfly replied, ” You must be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented, without trying to change Great Spirit’s plan. ” Swan looked at her ugly little duckling body and then answered, ” I will be happy to abide by Great Spirit’s plan. I won’t fight the currents of the black hole. I will surrender to the flow of the spiral and trust what I am shown.” Dragonfly was very happy with Swan’s answer and began to spin the magic to break the pond’s illusion. Suddenly, Swan was engulfed by a whirlpool in the center of the pond.

Swan reappeared many days later, but now she was graceful and white and long-necked. Dragonfly was stunned! “Swan, what happened to you!” he exclaimed. Swan smiled and said, “Dragonfly, I learned to surrender my body to the power of Great Spirit and was taken to where the future lives. I saw many wonders high on Sacred Mountain and because of my faith and my acceptance I have changed. I have learned to accept the state of grace.” Dragonfly was very happy for Swan.

Swan told Dragonfly many of the wonders beyond illusion. Through her healing and her acceptance of the state of grace of the rhythm of the universe, and slip from physical bodies into Dreamtime. Swan medicine teaches us to be at ONE with all planes of conciousness, and trust in THETA/DADDY protection.

If you pulled Swan, it ushers in a time of altered states of awareness and development of your intuitive abilities. Swan medicine people have the ability to see the future, to surrender to the power of THETA/DADDY ( the Great Spirit) and to accept the healing and transformation of their lives.

The Swan card is telling you to accept your ability to know what lies ahead. If you are resisting your self-transformation, relax, it will be easier if you go with the flow. Stop denying that you know who is calling when the know rings. Pay Attention to your hunches and your gut knowledge, and honor your female intuitive side.


To live in more than one world, and be comfortable both on the water and in the sky. To fly with purpose to my destination, with my neck outstretched and trumpeting my joy. To float in tranquility on the peaceful lake, becoming a portrait of grace and elegance, and wanting nothing more than simply to be who I am, the perfect swan.

All things relative for love crosses space and time. I have been to many places. I have seen so many, many faces. I’ve search through the depths of time.

My Las Vegas One, you are the perfect swan for me. Patiently, I will wait for you, my Love, to have and to hold. I love you, my Immortal Beloved. Forever.

  1. Nellie says:

    Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting. I am sure that when your Las Vegas One reads this, they will understand that this is true love, and they should not miss it. You don’t shut the door on Destiny. Keep the faith!

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