Who loves you?

Posted: 2011/12/20 in Life, Motivational, Relationships, Society, THETA
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Here’s majority of Humanity’s problem: Your brain works too much overtime. What makes you so indecisive and sticking to a solid decision is you want to control everything. You rarely use the inner wisdom of your hearts and listen to other people’s nonsense and so-called “expert” opinions. Look at your life’s canvass: Do you really want to continue blazing a trail of broken hearts and angry voicemails? Plus all the wasted effort and monies you spend at some local bar with your predatory attitude. We are human beings, not some animals in a rainforest! KNOW YOURSELF, then find your match. Not go “shopping” and then give them to the Salvation Army when you used them once. Worse, those clueless Egos who treat other people like some cow they just go for milk whenever, without appreciating their worth. Then those who are the cows who are stupid enough to be milked!

You see why there are so many broken hearts? You use too much of your brains and hormones. Actually, I am being nice about the brains. Your methodology is not even considered real intelligence. It’s really in the range of animal level. You lost sight of what relationships are supposed to be. Quality, not quantity. Hearts need to be watered, not trampled.

Respect the person you’re attracted to. If you’re reminded of someone else or a different place or time, don’t make him or her responsible for that. It’s your issue. Your emotions are real to you and may take you on a wild ride, but what you do with that experience is your call. EACH PERSON IS A UNIQUE GIFT. So stop taking them for granted and wasting opportunities for you to become a better person. Furthermore, don’t hate them because they are real, love, cherish, and admire you, want to love you through all eternity. That person is your mirror and vice versa. How the (emotionally, psychologically and spiritually HEALTHY) person sincerely sees you is who you are really are.

The difficulty for most of you, is that what you want and need versus what you think you want are two different things. You seduce yourself into believing that you know where a certain relationship is going or where it should go. Why? Because you play the Ego roulette comparing everything to everyone.

Let me give you the simple, yet complex and beautiful gift and lesson of the Universe that is given to you:

You don’t look for the right person. You need to become THE RIGHT PERSON for the person you seek. So when they arrive, you’ll recognize them, because they are YOU! It is yourself you see in that mirror. You are the one who decides and determines what you deserve. Become who you really are. You get what you put out. Get it?

No, I am not talking about physical stuff. I am talking about the FULL PACKAGE. Also, that person has distinct qualities that will enhance whatever you need to work on and what you got. This is all about growing together, in the right direction. Love is about the other. Your Soulmate is someone who holds up the mirror on your face what you need to improve and holds your hand while you go through your self-transformation.

You found all the qualities you seek from another person? Then invest yourself in them. Earn your place in their hearts, not go dance around like some clueless dancing peacock at a discothequé. When people do that, they don’t really know who they are. This is why many end up with shallow relationships. Why? Because they found their shallow match. Then one day, they wake up, and realize they want to grow up and the other person is not interested to grow up. Wasted time and energy.

Life and Love is not some horse race! This is about YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS, not other people. All this tiptoeing and gentle handling costs you too much. If you let go of the reins of this world for a while you could discover it turns out even better.

Let go and let LOVE’s Winds carry your wings.

Do you tell an oak tree how it should grow? When the rain should water it or when the sun feeds it? Life is an adventure and a mystery. Let it unfold on its own.

The more you can expand all aspects of your mental, emotional, and physical life, the better. If you can talk to them about anything and everything under the sun, then you have a pretty good chance of sustaining a fulfilling relationship.

LOVE is about broadening your horizons and doing something that appeals to your deeper nature. Hopefully, you have figured out that you are actually capable of going deeper than respond to everything like an insecure media-entrained piece of meat. Yes, you were given a heart, mind, soul…and other body parts for a reason, with actual skills, talents, gifts and qualities embedded in your make-up. Use them wisely and discerningly!

Spend quality time with people instead of continuing to fill your dance card.

Get to the heart of the matter between you and your beloved by expanding your frame of reference. When you open your hearts, you’ll see how you have been limiting the scope of your relationship, and opens the way for you both to go beyond petty details into a more expansive and exciting realm.

When you find that person who makes you feel good about yourself, your newfound confidence will lead to smart decisions in all areas of your life. Others will notice the change in you. That is what they mean when what you have in front of you is True Love.

There’s a methodology and logic to the Universe’s madness: Strangely enough, giving yourself up is the best way to get your way. That’s how Destiny works.

– Lady MJ Santos

  1. 'J.A.' says:

    Thanks, M.J., for your fascinating article, it’s for now & so far my wife, who like my Danish mother claims the she loves me, however, a love that both give me no idea, whatsoever that I can count on to exist as any conflict of mine, of anyone’s, whatever her lawyer is MY fault or not, since they’re both against me being myself, solution. Anyway, if God can’t leave me my f. alone, IT can still take an f. hike, which is a certain part of Its Way of ‘Thinking,’ like a party booper, The ‘Famous ‘Gorilla, called Arnold, born in Austria, motivation: That money ideal, his ‘hobby,’ is a bad world situation, on which issue you & I etc. deserve to exist as True Optimist Hum- & Galaxians, so I can find out & so on, greetings, Merry Christmas etc.:

  2. 'J.A.' says:

    Note: This is my phone, for any good work purpose, 00562 548 29 31, my good news: A symbol & a repetition of my famous(!) fact that I do well to ‘testify(!)’ to being happy to exist as an honest Buddhist, forever to be, so I can find out & so on, greetings, guitartie@yahoo.ie.

    • mjsantos says:

      J.A. Forgive me, but do I know you? I am having mental block. – Lady MJ Santos

      • 'J.A.' says:

        No, of course you don’t know, who I am, so not even God knows, if I can hide that much, if anything, from you, my future hangs by a ‘sought’ thread, which is Its(!) Own Fault, also my Danish mother’s, if you can live with it, anyway, it’s my honor to let you receive yet another & good message of mine that all, I seek, is to try & exist as a true ‘optiman,’ forever to be, note: God is A Total Party Booper, like Arnold A.S., ‘Governator,’ Calif., just worth mentioning to you, so I can find out & so on.

  3. 'J.A.' says:

    Oh, here my own experience, God was against me being ‘just’ myself, for instance The Buddhism That so far gave me no idea, whatsoever that I could get away with being against myself being ‘just’ myself, greetings, ‘J.A.,’ – of course I could exist as myself, however, while I did it, bad news moved on me, anyway, if it was not my Danish mother, it was her husband Ib, who so far gave me no human work right that I could get away with being ‘just’ myself, greetings, guitartie@yahoo.ie.

  4. Doris says:

    Just as good as your last post. Do you accept advertisers?

  5. Ang Rode-Neumann says:

    I love YOU MI KA EL ❤

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  7. vijayraut says:

    who love’s you friend’s???

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