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Napoleon said, “When China wakes, the world will shake.” China is the ONLY NATION that has a foreign policy of NON-INTERVENTION and PEACEFUL DEVELOPMENT, yet the western mainstream media (even financial media) and Sheeples demonize them just like the Arabs as some apocalyptic messenger and harbinger of Anti-Christ, when that entire thing is fear-propaganda by the same people who are destabilizing the entire Middle East and making up nonsense regarding Iran.

China IS on the move and this is the reason why they are desperate and doing a lot of psyops in the media, and fabricating as much news as they can with regards to Syria, the way they did with Libya. Attacking Libya was a silent war against China. Syria is against Russia. Invading Africa, placing Africom in Liberia, is a chess game strategy against China to stop them from getting raw supplies such as oil.

Time to do some hard core facts:

IMF was wrong in saying that China will surpass USA as the world’s number 1 Economic Power in 2016. According to University of Pennsylvania, it is ALREADY Number 1 NOW in 2012, and can be proven when you adjust the domestic purchasing power of respective currencies.

The US Economy produced goods and services at estimated value of $14.6 Trillion in 2010, while China’s GDP (gross domestic product) soared to $14.8 trillion. Ergo, China is already ahead of USA. In 2011, the US Economy grew about 1.7% whereas China had 9.2%.

China has practically no debt, while USA has $145 trillion in obligations to many countries. China has $3.2 trillion cash reserves and that grows every month plus they are also buying gold, and making their citizens buy gold. Washington has almost no cash on hand and borrows nearly every half the dollar it spends from China.

USA has 160 million workers versus China’s 810 million, and 97% of those Chinese workers are employed. USA has 14 million people who are either unemployed or underemployed. Chinese wages rose 7.60% while USA dropped 1.70%.

China enjoys the largest foreign capital inflows compared to any nation on Earth beating USA as the world’s favorite place to invest.

China is now:

#1 Mining operator
#1 Car maker
#1 Manufacturer
#1 Exporter

People make such a big fuss over New York and Beverly Hills, but you have to know China beyond the mainstream media. China has 8 massive upscale shopping district in Shanghai. That’s 1 city alone! A serious shoppaholic’s Paradise, indeed.

People think Las Vegas topped the world for luxury hotels and entertainment. Sorry, but the bankrupt Las Vegas can’t and won’t hold a candle against Macau. Palm Beach mansions? Wait until you see the ones in Shanghai.

Education Assessment levels? Chinese students rank #1 while USA rank #14.

China has the fastest computer: Tianje Supercomputer.

While USA had to cut NASA budget and they are winding down, China is now preparing to put their man on the moon.

On national defense, China has 600,000 more military personnel than USA has and they have state of the art technology as well. They unveiled their first stealth fighter jet. They have spy satellites, modern battle tanks, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, cruise missiles, and more.

Allow me to give you a dose of 2012 TRUTH: Beijing is SO powerful now that they can pretty much dictate economic policies to Washington. Those of you who know me personally as someone quite involved with certain parties, the visit of China’s Vice President Xi Jinping is a proof of who has power. Obama had to see him. Xi is the President in waiting and will be China’s President for the next 12 years. NOTE: In China, he is technically the President. To the West, he is Vice President. With what happened last year in Egypt and Libya with my crew and big brother whom Sarcozy tried to kill and put in a coma, I wish I was a fly in the White House walls for that meeting.

Stop being in denial. But that is what is happening, this is why we have all these wars left and right. The West, with the USA is provoking the Sleeping Giant. China can’t help but feel being on the defensive side. USA refuses to let go of the crown, and allow our world to become multipolar. China hasn’t really done anything. China (and those other countries they call “Rogue” states of Iran, Syria, etc) is hated for this one simple reason: They exist and they are not kissing to the American ass.

USA has been on their way out since 90s. In order to fool the rest of the world, they had to come up with September 11 and create phantom enemies that they themselves funded and trained in Afghanistan called Al Qaeda. Yes, they are the same people they funded in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and the ones killing Syrians.

In the size of its economy and economic growth, available growing technology, science and research, the quality their student scholastics and scholarships, military growth, and in every conceivable (and maybe inconceivable) area you can think of, China is ALREADY the world’s dominant nation. Anyone who doesn’t admit that are in massive denial and paid mouthpiece to give out disinformation.

Indeed it fascinates me how people like Clinton, Rice, Obama, and the rest of the warmongering gang do not give the respect that China deserves when nearly 50% of every dollar spent come from the billions of dollars that Beijing loans. Without China’s money everyday, the entire US government would go bust and millions of Americans who depend on government checks would be financially destroyed.

Make no mistake, China is at the driver’s seat and therefore, while there are uncertainties abound, I am relaxed at that TRUTH for I know personally that China wants world peace and is fed up with the childish propaganda and lies.

We are living Napoleon’s prophecy now. China now wakes, the world is soon to shake. Are you ready for the official world transition our generation is soon to see? Welcome to the Year of the Dragon.