Sheath your swords, self-scrutinize and listen

Posted: 2012/04/26 in Leadership, Life, Motivational, Relationships, Society, THETA
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There are many types of stubbornness. The kind that refuses to budge once a decision has been reached, and another kind that is based on the misguided knowledge that one is absolutely right. The latter is a major Ego problem much in our world that creates rifts in most professional and personal relationships. Resist the impulse to judge or blame others or adopt a polarizing position. Be open to new information about any potential relationships. Fight your mind and cultural programming that tempts you to fight or run, jumping to judgmental conclusions and opposing any possible positive interest every step of the way. However, this usually results in an increasingly polarized situation. If you intend to keep any new relationship (you desire) moving forward, this is not the most advantageous place to go.

If you want to improve things, you may want to stay clear of taking sides, even your own. What may work is for you and the other person to move from a personal point of view to a shared point of view — even though you will still have differences. Pause for a moment, refuse to react. Sheath your sword in favor of listening to your loved ones (or professional relationships) more closely. Like attracts like, and if you want to win the heart, show and give your heart. Ensure someone who feels more insecure that you are sincere and rock-steady by listening and eliciting with your Soul. Always be present. Give yourself.

Avoid absolute words like “always” and “never” in emotionally charged situations. Be open and compassionate when listening to what others say, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Self-scrutiny is always a great thing for your growth for it gives you an opportunity to review and reset your standards for the relationships you want.

When you are much more self-aware of your own foibles and flaws, humbling yourself, you can turn any potential embarrassment into an opportunity to learn and grow with honesty. Let correction take place. Steer your ship back to the center channel where you can move with the current, the natural flow. If you are diligent and honest with yourself and others, this opens a chance to set a relationship situation back on course.

Chastisement may be meted out only if you are greedy or, conversely, self-negating. Justice demands an appropriate investment by all participants. This may present an excellent opportunity to raise your standards as well as your self-esteem.

Holding on to Egotistical stubborn pride is usually what is holding you back. It takes a tremendous commitment and real passion to make any relationship succeed. The choice is yours, so use it wisely.

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