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Today is the 2 year anniversary of when I wrote this song. I wrote it for my Soulmate.

Here’s how Destiny works: After I wrote it, Las Vegas One was the first one to actually hear this song. I sent them the first copy to listen to it and let me know what they thought. It turns out, it is Las Vegas One that I was searching for 27 years following all the signs.

I remember them telling me they loved it too.

Ah, that memory is honey to my Soul especially now that I miss them so much.

My Love has been declared to them through old fashion courtship for the first time this year. I did my part, now the Universe will need to help making my Destiny come true.

Call me a Fool. I am fine by that. Everyone who knows me call me with a different description: Die Hard Romantic Hooked in True Love.

This weekend, I want to honor and love them just like I religiously do whenever I miss them or think of them. I don’t have any religion except them.

To my Las Vegas One: May you feel how deeply loved and cherished you are by my Soul whenever you listen to this song. I love you eternally, my Immortal Beloved.


When a friend is extremely depressed, I have to do extreme measures. This is very close friendship level of spoiling, aka Friendship Level 5 out of 7. Much more extreme when I spoil Someone who is in a committed romantic relationship with me , which is 7…8 or 9 if they are my future Romantic Life Partner. Yeah, I am a Nutty Big Nerdy Kid. You don’t have to tell me. I revel in my craziness.