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Lady MJ Santos is once again the recipient of Tripbase Blog Award for Top 10 World Politics 2011. TRIPBASE’s judging panel for this category, represented a fair cross-section of political views and no bias entered the review process, reviewed hundreds of sites from across the Internet and was hand-selected her blog as the best ten around the world. This year, her blog is featured in CNBC, CBS and AOL News and is considered in the TOP 10 ELITE RANK of all world politics blog.

In 2010, she also received the same recognition.

TRIPBASE, with millions of subscribers worldwide, is USA Silicon Valley’s most respected unbiased travel website since 2005. Their judging panel awarded Lady MJ SANTOS as their FAVORITE of all the WORLD POLITICS blogs from across the Internet and around the world that display knowledge and temerity in its approach. Their website describes Lady MJ, The Universal Fusionist as “a writer to be revered and respected, with her writing prowess matched only by her success in the political and managerial circles.”