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The blatant lies and propaganda on Syria knows no bounds. This is the war that is being fought, not necessarily the killing of the innocent. Nothing is more debilitating to people than being ignored, dismissed and treated with indifference. US with their corporate allies, who own and control vast majority of the mainstream news have gone all out war with psychological attacks on people’s sanity and constant further mind programming towards the ignorant is extremely disconcerting. Truth is the true victim.

We do not even present “opposing” views just to be sensational, we present them at The Santos Republic because the voices need to be heard. We are working hard to breaking the mold. We are in the middle. One on side, you have the Goliath mainstream who are fabricating and calling all the shots of what they want to talk about depending on their selfish interests. Then you have the other group who call themselves “journalists” when what you read are skewed and quite slanting towards too much conspiracy theories. The first group have the journalistic standards up but no ethics and integrity. The other group may have integrity and ethics because they are hearts crying out for change, but has the standards down. So, we are rising to break the mold in having both, which is the NEW PARADIGM we are crafting.

We cannot allow dehumanization of peoples of any background. The hypocrisy must stop. The lawlessness must stop. The indifference must stop. For if it doesn’t and we continue to enable the crimes against Humanity, anyone who cries for True World Peace are living in some illusion. “Democracy” is not what it seems.

Read facts, not distorted fabricated news about these Syrian non-existent weapons of mass destruction here. It’s as real as the Iranian nukes. It’s as real as the Boogeyman underneath our beds.

People need to understand that PR-savvy US-Israeli factions have concocted an evil strategy to eliminate a small Pro-Palestinian nation for the purpose of “Greater Israel” plans. It is baffling how people do not see the same tactics they did on Gaddafi and Libya. Have none learned from the non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to which they killed Saddam Hussein for? The only reason they did that is Iraq didn’t want to use the US dollars anymore, the same with Muammar Gaddafi. These people were tagged as “dictators” to dehumanize them. It is a psychological power. There is a huge power that lies in words.

Words. Words. Words. The propagandist are following George Orwell’s 1984 as blueprint and Nazi Chief Propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels is extremely envious for missing the action of the most brilliant liars and spindoctors on Earth. Hey, I’m a political strategist. The only thing I slightly envy is the fact they control all the media. If I get such control, we would all be singing Sound of Music everyday and squash news that distort and sow dissension, discord and distrust among nations and peoples. I prefer to elevate and edify real ideas that bring about development in our world, not destroy it, or pretend there’s new idea, but underneath is seething with evil motives to destroy Humanity.

Oh, the culture of greed and Ego is fantabulous, right? Only to those who are in denial.

Are you going to continue to be enablers for violence, atrocities and lies? Do you not see that by not taking action and speaking up truth, you let fear continue to hold its power? It is the main fuel of their “strength”. Haven’t you known by now that the biggest bullies in your childhood are the ones who are just acting out their misery projecting it to someone else? Let it be known, that those who preach “human rights” against Syria right now are the biggest violators on Earth. People are so disillusioned and blind in the West who shout proudly, “War is peace.” Is that what your religion says? What I understand with pure love of God is that we are to DO NO HARM. That is the number 1 Rule on this planet. Where do you stand? Why do you cheer over bloodshed? How much Hollywood movies and video games have you been numbing yourselves with that you romanticize crimes against Humanity? Would you feel different if you are the one being attacked and killed?

Memo to the Ignorant: The New Anti-Semitism is Islamophobia. Yes, Arabs are semites. Get a dictionary. Learn.

Indeed, they have found ignorance to be strength. Ignorance is fueled by fear. Brains are out of the window. All made to believe that their freedoms and “Free Will”  are mere illusion to keep the Sheeples in an orderly fashion. For if people are truly using their brains, they would have noticed that ALL freedoms were taken from everyone around the world after Sept. 11. NSA whistleblowers admit, and paid for with their lives and families, that everyone is on surveillance, which US government admits in breaking the law. Yet, they stand there, numb. They go and use their social networks like Facebook and post all the meaningless things you can possibly imagine. Honestly, I can accept you wish to talk about what you ate for breakfast once in a while, but having to know how long you can burp, how many hot women you boink, how many game idiotic apps you join or how many numb “funny”offensive photos you can viral is sheer misuse of such a powerful media such as the internet.

Or how about this massive complain about debts. I wasn’t even born yet when people were already warning what private companies like Federal Reserve and international banksters will do to governments and people. But the same people who complain just sit there add more to the chaos and be part of the problem, instead of holding criminals accountable. U.S. Representative Ron Paul has finally got his legislative victory, but it is not going anywhere when it arrives Senate because the people are not standing behind him and against corrupt politicians who are lobbying against him.

Yet, they all cry, “We want change!”

They are easy prey and fools to  jump into the next big shiny thing or sensational story like the mass diversion of Colorado Batman Massacre the powers that be concocts in order to divert attention and focus to the real problems all peoples around the world are facing.

Then you have these people who are forming groups, “peace” groups and the New Age Luciferian ones who seem to think that aliens are going to rescue us. I read some of their “channelings” this week that they viral in various “peace” groups and I just have to laugh. The 12,000 year old Astrolatry movement, the worship of the Sun which evolved to “Son” and got translated into a complex called “Savior Complex” is even prevalent to that “New Age” mindset. How new is that “New” really? They are viralling primitive thinking and not teaching people to take responsibility for their actions.

This is what the world lacks: Accountability within themselves. Self-control, discernment and wisdom is not hailed are standards of living.

People clamor for change, yet down to the nitty gritty, they are just as hypocrites as those who use the podium, microphone and cameras.

We are living in exact parallel as ancient Greece during the time of Socrates where the idea of “Democracy” came from. It was an experiment and they didn’t take it seriously. The promoters of it were goddess worshippers, and they were called “IDIOTES” (the origin of the word, IDIOT). It was never meant to last as a political system because it is dead-end. Socrates died because he showed the way and pointed out how it was going to destroy the Athenian society. His opponents were the elite “senators”, they were just as corrupt as you have in U.S. Congress, enablers of terrorism and genocide. Athens went to war left and right, they were the number 1 Navy fleet then.

Socrates died with the hemlock poison based on biased judgement of the Athenian court. They said he was “brainwashing” people, especially the youth. In fact, it was one of his ‘closeted’ students who got him killed because he got offended over Socrates’ passion over TRUTH – the only allegiance he saw fit, but he did respect the laws of Athens. He could have gone in exile, but he knew and he was right: Wherever he would go, they will conspire against him because they were not ready to accept the TRUTH. Thus, where else can he really go when people choose to live in ignorance and lies?

Not too long after, the Athenian “democracy” killed the greatness of their civilization. They soon found out that Socrates was right all along and were repentant that they killed the ONE VOICE of Reason who truly cared and loved them.

The only crime Socrates committed was making everyone think of their own individual hearts and souls through proliferation of virtues. Sadly, until today, people still don’t understand what he was trying to piece together.

From speakers, politicians, activists to various talking heads, they all say “learn from the past so you can lead the future.” Unfortunately, what they didn’t take into account is that there are a Few who “control” the past by not giving the full TRUTH to the masses, so what is being viralled are what they want to spread into the societal consciousness. The cultivation of ignorance has been planned and calculated with precision for decades: from media, movies, music, news, publications, magazines, etc. Like vampires, they are not going for the kill of that harvest.

TRUTH Messengers are assassinated left and right. All branded as “terrorists” or “Anti-Christ” in the minds of the Control-Freaks and their disciples because they are a huge threat to the status quo.

Those of us who wish a better world and true peace do know ONE TRUTH they can never stop from happening no matter how many people they silence through intimidation or death: They will fall down. They know it because the Wheel is turning slowly, and we are transitioning to a new world, a New Multipolar World Order. The media can continue brainwashing their Sheeples, and TRUTH Messengers like us will pursue “brainwashing” those who are truly hungry for real change. This is the true war that is happening underneath the surface of all the mass bombardment of lies and propaganda.

The war is between WEAK states such as USA who behave and pretend they are strong versus the REAL STRONG like Russia and China with Brazil, India and South Africa who survived many crisis and demand they be respected as strong. You think the 3 vetoes at the UN Security Council was for nothing? Why do you think US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice was acting like a spoiled child having a tantrum at the meeting, behind and front doors? Why do you think Hillary Clinton is using the media as mouthpiece? The U.S. legitimacy around the world is worth toilet paper. China has surpassed USA a long time ago. In fact, China is Africa’s Number 1 Trading partner now. Why do you think the US is all over Africa and Middle East doing their destabilizations and meddling with the South China Sea issue making it difficult for Philippines and China to do bilateral talks? There is a cold war going on already between Russia/China TEAM versus USA and their puppet regimes.

This is what they do not want you to see in the media. This is TRUTH behind all the noise. This is the TRUTH that Messengers like me are telling everyone, but it seems everyone is in a trance.

I am not really alone now. I have 147 nations with these big 5 who wish to stop and quarantine this insane parasite that is making our world sick.

Those of us who are digging the trenches can look forward to the fact that Socrates was right and the Athenian “democracy” was wrong.

Dawn is coming  and when it does, may ignorance die with the night.

Let live and let love, once and for all.


An interesting event happened to me when I woke up on Saturday morning. As I was doing my morning “hello” to the wild birds that usually greet me from my balcony, I had a sparrow that just died, waiting at my door. I picked up the beautiful creature, whose body was still warm, in tearful compassion and held it between the palm of my hands. As I gazed at it, I was prompted sing one of my favorite old gospel hymns I learned as a child, His Eye on the Sparrow.

I looked up in the sky and was curious what this all meant. I saw, among the clouds, a face of a man and next to it were shapes resembling four letters. I was trying to figure it out and in my humble plea, I asked Heaven to give me insight as knowing myself, I will spend the entire day solving this strange puzzle.

I then heard a whisper in my ear, “Alex”, which disturbed my morning equilibrium. I started praying because one of the people who is closest to my heart is named Alex (well, one of his names). He is the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations whom Sarcozy was trying so very hard to murder last year. I have been praying for his protection every day since last year.

However, I have a conviction to not dwell so much in negative thinking and worrying. Hence, I let it go and trust in the Higher Powers that be. I remained in a meditative state all day, and just opted to allow the events of the day to unfold itself.

Later in the day, news broke out: Alexander Cockburn (1941-2012), TSR Contributing writer and the co-editor of the political newsletter Counterpunch has died on Saturday in Bad Salzhausen, Germany at the age of 71 after a secret battle with cancer.

Alexander Cockburn (pronounced COE-burn) is an Irish-American writer born in Scotland in June 6, 1941. He was educated in Ireland, England and Scotland, and graduated with honors from Oxford University in 1963. He is survived by a daughter, Daisy Cockburn; two brothers, the author Andrew Cockburn and Patrick Cockburn, a British journalist, as well as several nephews and nieces, including the actress Olivia Wilde, a daughter of Andrew Cockburn.

Alex has been a journalist since 1973, before I was born, and has established a reputation as one of the foremost reporters and commentators by writing newspaper and magazine columns for decades whose areas of interest include the American political scene, economics, the environment, labor issues and international policy. Travelling extensively, he also lectured regularly on environmental issues and global politics.

He is the author of a bi-weekly column for The Nation called “Beat the Devil” and also writes a syndicated newspaper column, which is distributed nationally by Creators Syndicate and has appeared regularly in such papers as the Los Angeles TimesPhiladelphia Inquirer,San Francisco ExaminerMinneapolis Star-Tribune and Detroit Free Press. In 1987, Cockburn authored a highly successful collection of essays, some autobiographical, entitled “Corruptions of Empire” for which he was called “the most gifted polemicist now writing in English” by the Times Literary Supplement. Cockburn also co-authored the acclaimed “The Fate of the Forest, Developers, Destroyers and Defenders of the Amazon.” He has appeared on numerous national television programs, including interviews with Ted Koppel and Phil Donohue.

With all those impressive accolades, however, not many knew of Alex’s personal battle from that evil disease called cancer for he only disclosed his illness to a few people.

Read the rest at The Santos Republic.

There are many types of stubbornness. The kind that refuses to budge once a decision has been reached, and another kind that is based on the misguided knowledge that one is absolutely right. The latter is a major Ego problem much in our world that creates rifts in most professional and personal relationships. Resist the impulse to judge or blame others or adopt a polarizing position. Be open to new information about any potential relationships. Fight your mind and cultural programming that tempts you to fight or run, jumping to judgmental conclusions and opposing any possible positive interest every step of the way. However, this usually results in an increasingly polarized situation. If you intend to keep any new relationship (you desire) moving forward, this is not the most advantageous place to go.

If you want to improve things, you may want to stay clear of taking sides, even your own. What may work is for you and the other person to move from a personal point of view to a shared point of view — even though you will still have differences. Pause for a moment, refuse to react. Sheath your sword in favor of listening to your loved ones (or professional relationships) more closely. Like attracts like, and if you want to win the heart, show and give your heart. Ensure someone who feels more insecure that you are sincere and rock-steady by listening and eliciting with your Soul. Always be present. Give yourself.

Avoid absolute words like “always” and “never” in emotionally charged situations. Be open and compassionate when listening to what others say, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Self-scrutiny is always a great thing for your growth for it gives you an opportunity to review and reset your standards for the relationships you want.

When you are much more self-aware of your own foibles and flaws, humbling yourself, you can turn any potential embarrassment into an opportunity to learn and grow with honesty. Let correction take place. Steer your ship back to the center channel where you can move with the current, the natural flow. If you are diligent and honest with yourself and others, this opens a chance to set a relationship situation back on course.

Chastisement may be meted out only if you are greedy or, conversely, self-negating. Justice demands an appropriate investment by all participants. This may present an excellent opportunity to raise your standards as well as your self-esteem.

Holding on to Egotistical stubborn pride is usually what is holding you back. It takes a tremendous commitment and real passion to make any relationship succeed. The choice is yours, so use it wisely.