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If China transforms itself from WITHIN then the country’s trade issues would hold less relevance for the overall economy. Besides, future trade conflicts seem inevitable, since governments from around the globe are trying to protect jobs by favoring trade protectionist measures. China is selected as an easy target for Western elected officials to bully because they always do that BLAME GAME, when the fault is theirs. The massive EVIL PROPAGANDA MACHINE has many adhere to ‘China Threat’ assumptions doesn’t help much either. So if Chinese officials criticize them, they become heroes of a populist movement and accuse Beijing of utilizing intimidation tactics. You see how their tactics are? This is what they are good at: MANIPULATION. They are psycho bullies and got nothing else going on with their pathetic lives but do the bidding of their masters. Not only that, the political squabble these days is becoming more tabloid Hollywood gossip! No essence! Like Hitler and their Propaganda gang said, Repeat the LIE over and over and people will believe it. So with millions of dollars poured on information channels: They must do the LIE- LITTLE TRUTH – LIE sandwich. Sheeples eat it gladly like McJunk burgers accompanied by nuke-dipped French fries harvested from Zionist GMO grounds.

China needs to see through these tactics by the West, Zionists, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Federal Reserve, Wall Street. Many are also ungrateful bastards when China has been the one helping the world during 2008 recession. It is so sad, because there are many good leaders out there and they are being pulled into deceitful schemes. Seriously, I don’t like the games of deceit. So many dishonorable people the higher you go up the mountain. And when everything crashes, China will be the one whom these Zionist Bankers and their imbecile Economists come begging for China to rescue again. In fact, the parasites are already putting their roots in China.

But on the cosmetic side, Beijing’s best solution would be to ignore the trade bullying debate, and do what I tell my students: DETACH and LOOK FROM ABOVE, not from below…and SEE the REAL TRUTH…and instead focus its attention on boosting sectors of China’s economy that are unrelated to foreign trade…for now. They need to get rid of their SNAKES from within now, so they won’t suffer the same fate as USA.

China has an extra incentive to make these changes as soon as possible. People are extremely angry about what they did to Gaddafi and Syria’s fate is not far from that. Deep in Humanity’s hearts, they are calling China to stand up now. It is China alone that was selected by 193 nations at the United Nations through a democratic vote to be part of the UN Security Council. Everyone else chose themselves to sit on that. That speaks volumes. In the light of Destiny, you do not take that for granted. That was meant to be.

Humanity wants HONOR, PEACE, JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, HARMONY and COMMON PROSPERITY back in the global arena. Someone has to take real leadership. What we have today is GLOBAL MAFIA CRIME SYNDICATE and Humanity is being violated and raped every single day.

The world needs China. China needs to become different from USA. And they are. They got the great Confucius, Sun Tzu and Zhuge Liang to guide them. All my heroes.

As I said, ALL INFORMATION and PUBLIC RELATIONS WAR. China needs to make herself standout. They already got something Humanity will love about them if they utilize it properly. But I guess we will just have to wait for them to realize and embrace their Great Destiny. The time is ripe for PEACE and Humanity is hungry for it.


Tough being caught in the middle of several nations’ squabble. Why is it so difficult for people to admit and apologized they are wrong? Hello, you rewarded Nobel Peace Prize to LIES and TRAITORS and you want China to condone it?

Let’s not go through the fact that you have climate hoax god, Al Gore and Mr. Hopey Warmonger Changey Obama got Nobel. Maybe the committee were on drugs… or kickbacks.

You and your possé did the same with Libyan RATS. What did you do? Accuse Gaddafi of LIES, bomb the innocent with a mandated LIE from UN Security Council and recognize these undocumented criminals as new government of Libya? Yet you call it nonpolitical issue?

Think with me, Kids. If I was your Mom, and one of the children keep insulting the entire family to the other neighbors with LIES, then the neighbors condone it by paying and rewarding the LYING CHILD with monies and perks to continue to lie because they want the good name of MY FAMILY destroyed…don’t you think at some point, you will need to discipline the child? That’s good parenting.

Sure, growing up in Scandinavia, I know this behavior maybe fine with the parents there and all over the west, but among Asians? Hell NO! You will be disowned and disinherited from the family for life! Honor and respect to your family is considered right under God!

If you’re going to award real Chinese heroes, award my heroes Sun Tzu, Zhuge Liang and Admiral Cheng Ho. They truly did wonderful things for peace and prosperity within and outside China. OK, they are many centuries dead, but you do get the difference between what is hero and what is a RAT, right?

What you did was WRONG!

USA told you to give that Nobel Award to Liu Xiaobo, for political dagger, whether you admit it to the world or not. I see through it. Well, keep being stubborn, and all trades with China will be frozen indefinitely. All this will be resolve if you learn to be humble enough to admit you made a mistake.

Besides, it is truly high time that you make changes within the Nobel Committee. The ones you have now are incompetent and biased in selecting real Peace Prize winners. It has become, indeed, a political ploy and enhancing PR campaigns that condone fragmentation of the world. It is complete opposite of what Alfred Nobel wants. As I said many times, he has turned over in his grave with fury for insulting his Will and Testament.

It breaks my heart the salmons are not being enjoyed by the Chinese. They are wonderful as sashimi. I love them! But it is what it is.

China does not have amnesia. This was very close to their heart and you assisted in stabbing them in front of the world. Front and center.

Apologies are good for the soul. The more you dance around this, the more the wound festers. Who do you think suffers more between the two of you? Norway, you are the nation who gives out Nobel PEACE prizes. Live up to this reputation.

Meditate on this. Really.

One of our subsidiaries, MJS Commodities specializes in various cash commodities such as sugar. Our current Indian partners within the sugar and basmati rice categories have been struggling with too many fluctuating governmental regulations that the Indian leaders impose. It has been quite difficult to get any business done. Let me shed a little light of what has been going on. According to ISO reports, world sugar production is at 161.527 mln tonnes. The report shows three major supply features of 2008/09: Significant production shortfall in India, a further contraction of production in the EU and a continuing expansion of sugar output in Brazil. The combined effect of output reductions in the EU and India is expected to shave off a massive 7.084 mln tonnes from world sugar supply, despite record high growth in sugar output in Brazil. So far, a lowering in forecasted production in India (from 23.9 mln tonnes projected in August to the current projection of 19.55 mln tonnes) has been neatly matched by a practically identical increase in Brazil (from 33.22 mln tonnes to 37.54 mln tones). Meanwhile, global consumption is forecasted to grow at the rate of 2.19% to 165.801 mln tonnes, raw value. World production is now expected to be 4.274 mln tonnes lower than world consumption as against 3.626 mln tonnes projected in November. Consequently, the statistical outlook for the market till the end of the season in September 2009 remains constructive and supportive to world market values. The ISO puts world export availability for 2008/09 at 49.608 mln tonnes, raw value, as against 46.25 mln tonnes in the previous crop cycle. Smaller output in importing countries and in India, in particular, is expected to trigger additional import demand which is estimated to reach 49.621 mln tonnes, up 3.673 mln tonnes. Indian Sugar output in the current sugar year 2008-09 is likely to plummet substantially as compared with the output in the previous few years. Current year’s estimate is now placed at around 15.5 million tonnes, 42% below the output achieved in the previous year 2007-08 at 26.3 million tonnes. Such a sharp decline in sugar production by 11 million tonnes in one single year, is unprecedented. This has happened mainly because the farmers seem to have lost interest in sugarcane planting in recent past due to lack of orderly disposal thereof. Indian sugar industry suffers from too many interventions by the authorities. Such interventions, lead to wide variations in sugar production. Wide fluctuations in sugarcane and sugar production in Indian condition have become a normal feature, mainly due to man made action. For, as opposed to this, if one looks around, the trends in other sugar producing countries, year to year variations are much too small – say in the range of around 5%, mainly influenced by weather condition. Clearly, Government policies relating to sugarcane, sugar and other competing crops have led to such large variations in India, thereby undermining larger interest of all concerned with the sugar sector – sugarcane farmers, industry as well as the consumers. The most vital factors are those of sugarcane and sugar prices. The Government of India announces the support prices of various crops including sugarcane. On the other hand, policies are framed by the Government to ensure as low a price for sugar as possible, based on very rigid parameters of costing. A look at the compendium of publications brought out by the Indian Sugar Mills Association, would reflect that too many regulations have been created by the authorities to regulate the sugarcane and sugar prices. Clearly, the policies adopted by the Government have failed to ensure a reasonable balance in sugar situation. The most important facet is that of sugarcane pricing. Like other crops, the Government of India notifies the minimum price payable for sugarcane. Fixation of such Statutory Minimum Price for sugarcane is done by the Government of India, many a times overlooking the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, commonly known as CACP. The CACP makes exhaustive study of different crops while making its recommendation to the Government for various crops including sugarcane. While in the past, Government has been generally following the recommendation of the CACP, in recent past this trend has changed. For the year 2008-09, the CACP revised its recommendation for Statutory Minimum Price of sugarcane to Rs. 125/- per qtl. linked to the basic recovery of 9%. The Government, however, rejected this recommendation. For the year 2009-10, the CACP yet again recommended the same price of Rs. 125 per qtl. linked to basic recovery of 9%. No doubt, the increase suggested in the statutory minimum cane price in one go is rather sharp. However, the most important point is that the Government has not yet taken any decision on this important matter. On the other hand, Government have substantially increased the minimum prices for wheat, rice and other food crops. Naturally, in the absence of an appropriate revision of Statutory Minimum Price, a large gap persists with alternate crops. Already, as stated, Indian sugar output has suffered tremendously; so much so that the carry forward stocks from the previous season will be almost fully exhausted during the current year itself, to meet the consumption demand which is commonly assessed at the previous year’s level of say 22/22.5 milllion tonnes. To reverse the negative trends, it is imperative that the Government of India without any further delay notify the Statutory Minimum Price for sugarcane. Closely connected with this issue is the Government’s recent decision to impose stock limit on the sugar trade, though temporarily for a period of four months. Such restrictions lead to artificial decline in sugar prices. We fear that if the inconsistent policies continue, India may have to depend on import invariably, whereas the Government’s declared objective has always been to promote exports. The Government needs to give a fresh look to the sugarcane and sugar sector without delay. If growing demand for sugar in India has to be met, a proper sugar policy has to be implemented. The first and foremost requirement appears to be the withdrawal of the obligation placed by the Government on the sugar industry to supply 10% of its output as levy sugar at prices far below the actual cost of production and the open market prices. The levy sugar is distributed through the Public Distribution System channel to the B.P.L. population. Thus, while the sugar industry is forced to supply levy sugar, there is hardly any realization among the public that the subsidy on levy sugar is funded by the industry and not by the Government, as it happens in all other cases. Sugar is the only exception. If the current policy continues, India may turn into a regular large scale importer of sugar in the long run notwithstanding the sugar industry’s capability to meet adequately the country’s requirement of sugar and generate surpluses for exports.