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More and more we witness the decay of our global institutions through the blatant media lies and propaganda in order for USA/France/U.K./NATO to purported claim that the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya supports their genocide and invasion.

NATO MEMBERS and ALLIES: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany,Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Canada, Qatar, and the United States with the Arab League are very much on a strict deadline now until mid- September to cut up Libya in making it another Kosovo or worse, Somalia.

95% of Libyans reject these outsiders. They even call their ugliest pets NATO now. Why are these countries insisting their will on a sovereign nation? Do they not see that this is one of the grave breaches of the Geneva Convention? The masses want Gaddafi and everyone else out, but with the millions of dollars paid to CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Fox News, the TRUTH is purposely being drowned for obvious greedy reasons.

The Obama administration has increased its criticism of Syria’s violent response to anti-government protests, and both the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are now calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. But just 12% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the United States should get more directly involved in the Syrian crisis.
The question really, WHO are these people representing or working for that they do not listen to their own constituents?

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Beware of the half truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half. Most of the greatest evils that has been inflicted upon humanity have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false. We are, indeed, in a time of universal deceit and ignorance, where telling the TRUTH is considered a revolutionary act or a crime in itself…

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That’s it! I’ve had it with all your greedy Egos, Coalition and your media and political lying whores! Enough is enough! My damn Boeing is damaged from all your bombings, and I am still sore with the 28+ children you’ve killed, and 1200+ civilians thus far. Before we unleash the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE to the world leaders, the mainstream media and humanity to pull down your pants and show YOU are the BARBARIANS and that Gaddafi has not touch ANY innocent civilian at all, I need to rant because I am VERY cranky! I have no sleep for weeks. You fucked up my inaugural dates and it is already March 26, thus I am going to be missing my own birthday! It’s a good thing that Her Majesty the Queen of England wants us to come home today and sent us air escort because you goddam trigger-happy Psycho Frenchman are going whacko with your missile attacks. All because you are damn scared that a WOMAN is about to have you castrated and expose you to the world. No, you cannot silence TRUTH anymore. I will not allow it. NO MORE LIES. Now that The Santos Republic is alive, it is my moral duty as First Level Ambassador, Royal and Publisher to give TRUTH to the world. THAT is our goal. THAT was my dream and I will make it happen. After my ranting here, the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE will be forthcoming. Then the OFFICIAL ARTICLE REPORT of what truly happened in Libya that respective world leaders are reviewing right now. My own photos and facts cannot and will not be disputed by your propaganda makers. I got several ALL ACES on my corner. So, this will be over soon and what you 3 have done have further damaged your relationships to the rest of the world. Good luck with that, because I am SO pissed right now, I am not inspired to help any of you. You 3 are going down.

My time has come, Dark Ones. You can’t stop me anymore. TRUTH is bulletproof. TRUTH will prevail. No more letting your warmongering greedy Egos feed this planet with fear and control. I refuse to raise a new generation of Sheeples. So, I suggest you sit down because I have separate messages for all 4 of you:

LIBYA: Stop bombing my Boeing home, You Sarcoz-ick Twat!
LIBYA: Cameron, dear Boy…
LIBYA: Tsk,tsk, tsk, Obama..
MIDDLE EAST: READ your Foreign Policy for Dummies book, Hillary!


Yo, Mr. Hyperactive Bling-Bling President “Super-Sarcoz-ick”!

Let me break this in a language that even the youth of today can understand because I want everyone to be on the SAME PAGE based on TRUTH for once. Because people ask the same questions of WHYs, then you Bastards counteract with answers and even use the tactical “let’s respond with a counter question” that even hippos pass out and start snoring. Ah yes. We know the Sheeples have little retention spans. You did successfully programmed their selective brains since childhood especially the last few decades for them just go buy McDonald’s or microwave food, grab the TV remote and continue with the droning wisdom of Reality TV shows. Then add internet social networking and nifty mobile apps to pre-occupy themselves more like ADD on steroids so they don’t really pay attention to how much you control their daily lives.


There. I needed that. My Boeing has so much damages because you goddam asshole have been trying to kill me with your missiles the last 3-4 days! You are such a sorry ass loser, I tell you. Yeah, you’re about to get slammed by woman in the world stage, Mr. Macho man. Suck my dick!

I know you are very much plagued of the fact your polls are really low, and since you run your Presidency by the daily news cycle like people in Hollywood, you figured Libya is your winning public relations golden lottery ticket that can save your ass, thus drummed up of what you French call la grandéur by selling a “noble cause war founded on modern human rights”. Well, sure. It sounds fantabulous because this may be your Gen. Charles de Gaulle (the founder of your Fifth Republic) moment, the primary raison d’être of your being a head of state. Ooh, glory, right? Yay. O_o.

Little do people know that the real reason is that you need this War to save your ass from going to jail because you took illegal money contribution from your rich French woman in exchange for evading taxes. I mean, come on. She earns X amount of billions and she can’t spare a few % to help your aching economy?! How much money do you really need? I’m personally looking forward how to productively spend mine. But there are too many Egos and anything good I do out of the love from my heart is rarely appreciated nor taken great care of. Everyone is mostly thinking about themselves, not to serve others. Everyone can’t even say thank you when they’re blessed by someone like me. I learned to test people and the little things matter, so when they show consistent lack of respect, esteem of me, ungrateful and unappreciative, I don’t bless them. I don’t give anything to the ones who feel they are entitled. No encouraging of Egos from my end. No, thank you. Had enough of that all my life. Time to really elevate the good Ego-less, responsible, reliable and of pure hearts who want to change the world with me. Where they are? I’m keeping my eyes open. Not many are standing out.

So, you let your friends go to jail for you instead. You’re such a fucking snake, you mentally retarded Chauvinist! Nah, we will make sure that after we clean this mess, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. Furthermore, you’re such a damn contradictory pig when you decided to expel the Rom people last year. Are the Scots or the Campanians or to ban the burqa in public places today like you French forbade religions 200 years ago, next? It’s such a pity that without fail you people tend to forget about the “égalité” and “fraternité” that your revolution taught the whole world … Damn, hypocrites!

TO THE KIDS READING THIS: Chauvinism is a manifestation of excessive and aggressive attachment towards nationally-identifying values typical to France. In fact, the term itself is French in origin and form and refers to Nicolas Chauvin, a legendary Napoleonic hero-cum-fanatical nationalist who performed in the Cogniard brothers’ operetta “La cocarde tricolore”.)

I remember when you first ran, your Presidential platform was “to revitalize the French economy and revive the work ethic, promote new initiatives and fight intolerance”. In foreign affairs you also promised a strengthening of the entente cordiale with the United Kingdom and closer cooperation with the United States. (Well, that part was a given. Your hero is Tony Blair because he can sell himself to the media and of course, your side nickname ‘Sarko the American’ is self-explanatory). Sounds SO dreamy. SO ……. recycled.

I know you want a continued view by your people that you are a skilled politician, full of political innovation and have the willingness to “make a dramatic break” and “restore authority”. Oh which Ego wouldn’t want such “image”?We all know that crisis and risk quickens your pulse and whets your appetite. But don’t you think doing an Imperialistic Rambo “Christians against Muslims” Crusade is too primitive theme of a foreign policy? Hello! America is already doing that! You’re the French! You pride yourselves as snobs. So give me something better!

Can’t you guys come up with something fresh for a change other than pull another Colonialistic theme party in Africa? As a Conservative Politician, your reasoning and execution is quite whacked. “Get rich and be merry”, that is the motto of you, Medieval Crusade King, right? Did I get the correct memo or was that just political gossip? I don’t like gossip, so when you dare admitting to the Europeans what you are doing, tell it to my face? I’d appreciate that. Hmm, I think I may have to write an elementary version of Classical Liberalism for you to break it all down because clearly, you cannot read between the lines. I have no children of my own yet, so I have time to teach you a few things before I start nesting this year or so depending on how my love life turns out. I can practice on you first before I do my world lectures. Since leading a big country like France does make you a bit busy, just let me know. I’ll check in my appointment book and I am very willing to pencil you in for a good bitchslap.

Child, Prime Minister Putin opposed air strikes on Libya and called your childish military operation as “medieval calls for crusades”. Did you miss that history lesson in High School? On the contrary, you must have secret love over that part of our humanity’s dark history. Hello!!! It is the 21st Century! I know you’re all manly man and everything (and it is obvious by your actions because you’re all about aggression), but as a woman in my position, I detest the Medieval marketing LIES that have been sugarcoated as “romantic”. I plan to teach humanity that the overt suppression of women’s role as property in our societies were very much dictated by the 12th Century! I do not want to go through 21st Century having programmed primitively conditioned children being taught that bullshit again that women are under men or a second class citizen because that is “God’s intended purpose”! The Universe explicitly practices yang (masculine principle) and yin (feminine principle) on EQUAL footing! We need ENERGY BALANCE on this planet once and for all! 6000 years of putting women below you men is enough powertripping, right? I know you’re scared shitless of us WOMEN because WE are supposed to lead too! You know damn well that we are VERY capable of doing that because we are nurturers. Honestly, I am quite tired of you boys destroying and making a mess around here and I have to clean up after you. Come on! Can Momma MJ have a little birthday party next week? I deserve a little break too, don’t you think? I didn’t get all that education and training to be your cleaning lady! I know it really irks you that the REAL carrier of the genealogy is the woman, huh? Hey, it is NOT our fault that the mitochondria in all our cells selected us, “second class citizens”. Oh, but you Ego Freakazoids will not want to open any person’s eyes and take their personal sovereignty and power back, otherwise, you’d have half of the world’s population on revolt and bomb your house.

You said you were against the war in Iraq and that it was “morally right and politically wrong”. Oh, is that why you were congratulating yourself for what you French call, your “diplomatic blitzkrieg” by pushing through UN resolution 1973 illegally against Muammar Gaddafi, violate the sovereign rights of his country and people because you want a bigger and badder war where you will officially declared as the Supreme Leader of the “Free World”? Whoa, hold up. Wait a minute. “Free”? What “free”, you Control Freaks? You mean “controlled” and “policed” more than usual, right?


Yeah, I needed that too because you made a mockery of our World Constitution all because you greedy Bastard need money to pay your bills! So you bullied the world leaders with your tantrum. What a man, you are! Woohoo! O_o.

And what the fuck is this “the heads of the armed forces of France, Britain and America were in close coordination. Our counterparts were kept up to date on all our intentions and did not show any objections” PR sound bite bullshit???!! What a fucking LIE! You boys can’t even make up your minds over what to call this damn operation!! You’re worse than my fickle romantic love courtship scenario right now! What’s it going to be? Harmattan, Operation Ellamy or Odyssey Dawn?! Did you know that the British General called me and my possé frustrated because all the commanding Generals and their subordinating officers are all asking us while looking at each other of what to do because there is NO LEADERSHIP?! There is no goddamn unified chain of command for the operation! Get a clue, bozo! That is why there’s dissent from Germany, Turkey and Norway! Then you don’t want NATO to handle this NO FLY ZONE as majority of the nations want because it “would send the wrong message to Arab nations”? Did you notice that Germany and Turkey do NOT want NATO to carry on the bombing campaign against Gaddafi’s forces? Do you not have any emotional intelligence at all, Mr. Clueless??

We refused and abstained from this NO FLY ZONE from the beginning because WE all know what is up and God forbid the world finds out what really is going on. So let us PLAY PRETEND that it is to protect the civilians that YOU, yourselves are killing and bought every damn media and political analyst whore you can find to support your agenda that this is all based on “a perfectly legitimate humanitarian motive” and based on “shared democratic values”. Yeah, right. That is why you bombed my “humanitarians” last night. That fits the “motive” portion. Check. Good, boy. Here’s a lollipop!

Alright, so your courtship to Gaddafi didn’t work out. You offered to sell Libya €100 million of weapons and build a nuclear power plant. Yeah, I like the Bedouin tent you did at the Elysee Palace to make Gaddafi feel at home. My romantic side loved that. But see, let me teach you something about courtship. You don’t do things in order to manipulate someone’s heart. You do things because you love them and you give it freely. It is a self-expression. So, when the Libyan leader later refused to join your pet project, Union for the Mediterranean, on the grounds that it would wreck “the unity of the Arab League”, you don’t bomb him because he has morals and you don’t. Ugh! Dear boy, I sure hope you treat your beautiful wife well because the manifestations of your heart is undesirable. You have a lot to learn about relationships and how to cultivate it. You win love with HONEY, not bombs. Duh!!!

Boys, there's cake on the table. Why must you always take the beautiful things for granted. Eat cake first. Bomb later.

I also like to keep my promises. My word is my bond and I like to keep my schedule. So I truly understand that when you came up with this “new branch of the welfare state” promise to the French people to provide care for old people and those with disabilities, you need to keep it on a timeline, and of course, if you don’t your ass will be severely fried more than usual. France has 1.1 million dependent old people, their numbers expected to grow by 1%-2% to the middle of the century, when the over‑85s could number 5 million. So you launched attacks on Libyan ground forces near Benghazi on Saturday without properly informing your allies because you have a summer deadline and you thought you speed up the process so your British Petroleum piece of the pie comes on time to fund your social welfare. Yeah, Libyan blood is less valuable than the French and oil so in your “brilliant” impatience, you go do a test bomb run on 1200 INNOCENT CIVILIANS at a University town under my fucking watch and then kill many children the first three hours when this NO FLY ZONE got “implemented” that they barely came near the children’s hospital wards and died!

Furthermore, why the fuck you bomb a VILLAGE and a University town? What, you guys feel that threatened over flying books?! Do you think that a Libyan VILLAGE has some underground super-high tech military facility? So you seriously think the CHILDREN will have powerful lunch boxes and books that will disintegrate any fighter jets upon throwing them up in the sky? Where the fuck did your French military get trained? The Nintendo Super Mario Academy?!! Oh, you think just because I am a woman, I can’t tell which fighter jets the French owns, the Rafale and Super Etendard ? Oh my bad. I forgot to tell you that I never played with dolls when I was growing up. I also can’t and will not fake it when WOMEN and CHILDREN are the biggest casualties of this war (AGAIN). It is always the case.


You ought to be castrated! Whew. I needed that for all the 28 dead children this past week and their innocent parents and STUDENTS that you, your possé and the media whores have chosen to cover your conscience with money and glory. Here’s NEWSFLASH: All this blood are in YOUR hands. I hope your monies are enough to soothe your psychotic selves. Shove it up your fucking asses!

Or how about when you killed our 14 United Nations staff from Italy, Germany and Norway? How about almost killing the TRUMFS in the Middle East relations at a Saudi border while riding cars all covered with United Nations flags and stickers? Hey Asshole! The NO FLY ZONE was to protect the SKIES and the civilians…why are you bombing everything that moves, especially us and VIOLATE the UN Resolution 1973? What a fucking military leader you are, Clueless Shithead!


THAT is for killing my friends, colleagues and staff members!

I know you want to make up for your clumsy handling of Tunisia and Egypt, but can you just get a simulation software game to practice foreign policy? If you’re a good boy, I can make you a custom-made cockpit you can sit in with built in PSP and even hire software developers to make Foreign Policy for Dummies specifically made just for you and Hillary Clinton before Christmas. That should give the two of you something to do when you’re bored while we grown up pros handle the real world affairs. God knows, you barely have any monies in your countries and you kids need to really understand Economics 101 that you should not spend what you don’t have. Sugar Daddy China is not stupid, you know. Stop going to other children’s sandbox and stealing their food and toys! Grow some spine and learn what hard work means! Isn’t that what you said in your speech immediately following the announcement that you won the French Presidential election results? You stressed the need for France’s “modernization, national unity”, and that you “will restore the value of work, authority, merit and respect”. In that very same speech, you wanted to “break with the ideas, habits and behavior of the past”. Geez. How much alcohol did you have that night? Were you drunk again when you gave that speech?!!


Ooooooooooooooooooooh, that steam felt a little better. But I really want to strangle you right now. Have you ever been physically bitchslapped by someone like me? Don’t worry. If you want, I am more than happy to oblige since I’m the best at what I do. I am sure your kinky side would like to be MJS-handled. Most of you do, but I am selective.

On August 2010, you proposed stripping foreign-born French citizens of their citizenship if they are convicted of threatening the life of a police officer or other serious crimes. Hmm, how about stripping yours off NOW and remove you as President effective immediately since you killing the INNOCENT CHILDREN is considered a serious crime against humanity?

I find it ironic that you came to prominence as mayor of the Paris suburb of Neuilly, when a madman with a bomb held a preschool classroom hostage. Do you remember when you entered the room, talked the bomber into surrendering, and emerged to waiting cameras with a child in your arms? I never got the secret memo if that was staged. But I’m beginning to wonder now after what you have done the last couple of days. After all, political strategists like me know how things are orchestrated behind every scene. This is why no journalists can cover what is going on there right now, because you don’t want to tell the world who really are the barbarians. Yeah, your highly bribed media whores are struggling to find real proof for civilian deaths done by Gaddafi so you have to give them some photo ops. Don’t worry, I’m keeping score so you can just wait for my FULL ARTICLE REPORT because I am still waiting on the exact head count of all the INNOCENT PEOPLE you meddling monkeys have killed.

I know you’re itching to get this all over with, but see, this is not a monopoly board game anymore. There are actually REAL LIVES involved? There is also this thing called POLITICAL PROCESS? You know, many people installed that type of “organization” as a symbol for RESPECT? You do know what RESPECT means and how it should be practiced daily, right? Cameron needs a vote of confidence from the House of Commons before going to war. Well forget him. I’m making sure of it. So forget your pet. He is toast.

Now, I know you got a very special position in that you control your National Assembly. And therefore you can act like the old Bourbon kings of France at your own pleasure. Then you have to drag Barack Obama. You do know the American presidency is not supposed to bear the regal trappings that go with executive office in France, right? Goodness, you can forget him too. He is toast. They have unleashed some of the dogs and it is not going to be pretty.

Are you 3 co-dependents? Man, how many 12 Step Program do I have to give you?! What the hell are you thinking bombing OUR United Nations cars at the Saudi border?! Don’t your pilots have 20/20 vision and proper equipment to see the GLARING United Nations FLAGS all over the damn cars?!!! Yeah, that was NOT so brilliant. YOU want to kill us. Of course! You don’t want the world to know you are an Evil Son of a Bitch worse than any damn Tyrant! Sovereignty, it has been said, is the power to declare an emergency. Are you really that impatient, Mr. Hyperactive? I think we need to cut down on your sugar and alcohol intake.

Yeah, it’s a “dramatic break” alright, but “political innovation”? Uhm, NO. Does your conscience truly feel that this is the best way to “revitalize the French economy”? It did “revive the work ethic” at least from your end because your adrenalin is pumping like crazy because for the first time you found a purposeful opportunity to write your name in the history books as some kind of Savior. Yep, that must be what you meant with “promoting new initiatives”. So is it safe to say that “fighting intolerance” means more for your personal gain because obviously, if you want to be the New Emperor of the Western World because taking Libya means you will own 60% of diesel oil that drives everyone’s cars on the planet. Yeah, your Ego won’t tolerate competition. Hell, your Ego hates me right now because I dare to put a mirror up your cocky arrogant French face. Actually, you ALL hate me because I refuse to lie. Well, I hate your Ego shallow parties. So touché! I like living my life in PURE TRUTH, LOVE, COMPASSION and REAL HONESTY. It is very lonely path, but someone has to walk it. I cannot stand being with the Sheeples and crowds more than 30 minutes.

Ooops, I am sorry. I forgot for a moment that I am a political strategist. I know you people like to shut down all your conscience when we are working, but see, I am a very flawed human being. I have too much love and compassion in my heart to my own detriment many times. It is also not that appreciated by many people.

Mr. “Skilled Politician” Boy, l strongly advise, as a global business executive since you don’t have any business skills and acuity, to send EVERYONE home, save time and taxpayers monies! You know, I started thinking about how your math doesn’t really make sense? To maintain this until next week, we calculated that you are paying $4bn which is the same amount that you are taking from your seniors whom you are promising the “welfare state”. So you figured to do a GAMBLE RISK with your senior’s monies: When you take the Libyan Oil by helping Al Qaeda and other terrorist insurgents, and British Petroleum pays you, you put back the same money in the French Treasury (plus take you little personal commission), then be the Savior of the day by stopping a PHANTOM EVIL VERSION of GADDAFI and then announce to the French people, “Here, I am now your Big Daddy because I kept my promise.”

See, we have a bit of a problem here. You didn’t see me coming. 🙂 If you really want to gamble, why not go straight to Las Vegas. They really could use some money. At least there, I am quite sure you would get much more out of it because this Libya Affair, when we unleash the facts, you are going to lose it all. Yeah, I’m sorry, boy. Game over. I cannot allow you running around here with your incompetence. I’m highly allergic to it, that is probably why I keep sneezing.

(JOURNALISTS and RESPECTIVE BIASED NEWSROOM EDITORS: You make me laugh. Gaddafi honored his promise to us. All his fighter jet planes are parked as we asked him to. Geez, media whores. Do some real reporting not make up news, will you?)

I suggest you and your Warmongering Possé start packing because no one will want to play with you anymore after I unleash the UNADULTERATED TRUTH VERSION about the FACTS of the Libyan and Egyptian Affair. Plus I don’t think you will have anymore careers and reputation in our little circle after this comes out. I mean after all, we MUST show how truly “skilled” you all are, Jerks. I know you Egos think that LIFE comes second to MONEY, but there are many of us that put value in what truly matters in life: RELATIONSHIPS. I’m sorry if that is unacceptable to you. But do I really care what you think of me? I like people. I prefer them alive. Maggots can’t carry any stimulating intellectual conversation, you know.

By the way, German Chancellor Merkel REALLY wants you to cut down on the hugging. It’s annoying her. Keep your hands to yourself. Also, you and your possés, get your noses out of other country’s INTERNAL business. Stop behaving like a damn spoiled child having a tantrum at a shopping mall, screaming your lungs out if you don’t get to play with your bombs, trucks and plains. No more playtime! You need a time-out! So off that Libyan floor, go to your corner and meditate over what you’ve done, little boy!

Goodness. Why do you boys keep delaying my Asia schedule? I need my best friend to be with me. We are already 2 weeks late! Do you know it is my birthday tomorrow?! I’m missing it. Do you know how much time and money I am losing from MY END? I have better things to do than babysit you children, you know. I need to get me a wife too, you know. While many of you can have someone for hire, I can’t do that! I want my True Love! But I’m so busy that you won’t let me go on a damn date! You’re SO selfish!

I still love and forgive you, even though you don’t deserve it. But since I am the one with the bigger balls, the bigger stick and the biggest heart around here, I need to rise above all this and speak up with all the wisdom and discernment I can and must muster. After all, I have to think about the welfare of our 7 billion everyday since EVERYTHING is INTERCONNECTED and WE ARE ONE.

Look forward to my FULL ARTICLE REPORT. I am specially writing it for you boys because I love you. You need discipline and seeing you are at the top, you need to learn that with great power comes great responsibility. You are not being good role models to the children of the world. I can’t have that, you Fuckers.

P.S. THANK YOU, RUSSIA and CHINA. The world needs to know how much honor and morals you both exude in this nonsense. NORWAY, DENMARK and the REST of the WORLD: Please pull out completely! You don’t need to be in this bullshit. Rise up. You’re better than this.